Cuckold Phone Sex

To be the slave of a woman, a beautiful woman whom I love, whom I worship.. who binds and whips me, treads me underfoot, while she gives herself to another. (Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, “Venus in Furs”)

Cuckold phone sex is an intense fantasy that allows you to experience everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. Together we can elevate the feeling of watching your   wife/girlfriend totally dominate you in a very personal way.   cuck

We can paint a mental image for you that will rock you to the core, and unlock all your submissive desires to give in and let yourself feel what you only used to fantasize about. The submissive male wants the female to own all of him. Cuckolding is such an intense mental domination that it takes you to a whole new subspace.

Want to know more about how I will break you? You can find me on Nite Flirt taking your perversions and using them against you.
Talk to You Soon.
Mistress Peyton

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