It’s the season to give thanks!

Give Thanks

Give Thanks

It’s the season to give thanks!

How lucky are you to have found Me. Your sensual Mistress, the ONE that knows just what you need and guides you, controls you, and weakens you.

It’s such a rare gift you receive from Me. Yes a gift, because it is not your right to be controlled by Me, it’s an honor I grant you. Of course you had to show yourself worthy of this special gift of My control over you. You had to surrender yourself, give up control, and lay yourself open for Me. Make yourself vulnerable to Me, which isn’t easy for so many of you boys.

You have dreamed of being under the control of a special Lady like myself.

One who not only embraces her dominance completely, but accepts you for the submissive boy you are. Allowing you the opportunity to explore your submissive nature further under my loving control. It’s nothing short of a miracle that you have found Me and have been giving the opportunity to experience the very think you have dreamed of for so long.

This year, as you give thanks for all the blessings in your life, you must make sure to include Me as well. You should make it a habit to show gratitude to Me, your Mistress, and meditate on what it means to belong to Me.

Of course, you should not only do this on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but every day. There is nothing more endearing to Me as your Mistress then a grateful sub, how doesn’t just pay lip-service to Me, but shows his understanding of the great Gift bestowed upon him in actions.

I enjoy giving you special worship and meditation on your submission and servitude to Me rituals. A special time to still your mind, sink deep into submission, and enter the proper mental state of gratitude and devotion to Me.

You will find that it enhances your daily life, brings you closer to Me in so many ways, and makes you feel as if you are never alone. What a wonderful place to be.

Let’s start the season of your new and improved spirit of thanks giving today. Give Me a call at (1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383) and put you on the right path of worship and deep inner submissive devotion.

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

Transformation Phone Sex



Transform yourself with Mistress Peyton!

Transformation Phone Sex can be anything you allow it to be with Mistress Peyton, but for most things I like to call it progress.  I like to have a goal in mind when we start something together so that we can visualize where it is we are moving to in our relationship.

A typical call with me can consist of questions I’ll ask of you, some are hard for you to answer because I ask you to be honest with yourself about the ideas you have if you are serious about the way you want to proceed with services I offer you.

What’s at risk?

Are you willing to put in time to do your best at your goal?  How serious are you at wanting to achieve the end result.

Once we’ve established all these things let’s talk about domination, and how you see yourself in that situation.  Is it a fetish for you or a lifestyle for you?  Let’s get all the tricky parts out of the way.

When we begin your Transformation  I want to have a clear idea of what it is you and I can expect from one another and I’ll help you get the end result.  The mind is a sexual organ I suggest it’s clear and ready to be manipulated.  The body is just the means to an end.  But trust me, the mind is where the fun is.

Talk Soon.

Mistress Peyton

Phone Sex — let’s do it!

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