No Pain Required It’s All Sensual From Here


You Expected Pain?

You do know what a sensualist is right?  Oh I have to share this with you darlings. I have had the most amusing time the other day with someone completely new to being a sensualist. You do know what a sensualist is right?

A sensualist is a person who enjoys the various sensations that come with touch, various textiles, scent programming and the like. It’s all about sensual experiences and methodical teasing in that place of our BDSM World.

No pain required, but things might get a little tight and engorged if you know what I mean.

So this dear boy was brand spanking new to all of this.

I told him that I was going to test his endurance and threshold. We agreed to him being tight completely naked to my bed, and that I would use my hands, my finger nails, my lips, silk, fur and leather to play on his body. He even agreed to let me use my teeth.

I tied him up spread eagle. Making him completely vulnerable to me. I used a very soft cotton type of rope for that. Tight enough to hold him securely into place, but not so tight that he would accidentally come to harm. We all know that is important, right?

I put a silk blindfold over his eyes, making him feel rather then watch what I was about to do to him.

I began by using the palm of my hands to stroke all over his body, well besides the parts he really wanted me to touch. wicked grin.

Warming his flesh up and getting his breathing just a little elevated. Next I used my beautiful long finger nails, just the very tips, starting with a very light and teasing touch tracing along the skin, before turning it into a scratching.

You should have seen his reaction. It was glorious! Poor thing was already wiggling around as much as his ties would allow, and I had barely even got started.

I wanted to see how sensitive his nipples and neck were.

You know that both of those areas can be very sensitive, right? I leaned over and licked the side of his neck, bringing the blood to the surface as that is prone to do, and then nipped him with my teeth. He gasped, and groaned.

Oh yes, his cock was twitching too.

Next I licked and kissed my way to his nipples and bite / sucked on them, before using my fingers to pinch and roll them.

It’s always so much fun to make a man actually whimper and groan. He responded beautifully to all of that. Even tried to rock up, but of course being tight down he can only do so much. It must have been rather frustrating for him, but there is nothing more enticing then producing this sensual kind of sexual frustration in a toy. Don’t you agree?

Next I reached for the bit of silk I had set to the side. A pair of my favorite silk panties and began to run it all over his body. This time I even allowed him to feel it against his naked cock. Instant pre-cum, as I knew would happen.

With the other hand I reached for the piece of soft leather I wanted to use and so moving two very different textile clothe over his body simultaneously had him moaning in no time…

Now I know you want to hear what happened next, and I promise I’ll tell you, but you’ll have to call me for that and beg real nicely.
Talk Soon Naughty One-
Miss Peyton

Sensual Mind Games Keep You Enslaved


Sensual Domination Begins in The Mind.

The slow indoctrination of your mind to be prepared in a gentle and yet powerful way to enslave you to me.

Of course the visual of my beautiful body. The slow and sensual movements. The sound of my addicting voice. As well as the vibrations of my power flowing over you. Are all things that will turn you from a strong man, to my special pet.

I like the slow conditioning to me and what it is I desire from you. The focusing of your senses on me, without the outside disturbances around you. I find that blindfolding you, so you have to listen and feel, does wonders here.

It increases the anticipation of what is to come.

It makes you so much more attentive to my desires. Oh you know how much I love that. Your complete and utter attentiveness.

Imagine yourself for a moment, naked and vulnerable. Tied up to a chair, blindfolded, and with nothing to distract you.

The clicking of my heels as I slowly prowl around you. Stalking my prey, sitting there, waiting for me to pounce.

Wondering what I will do to you.

My long fingernails coming up from the nap of your neck and up to the top of your scalp. Tucking at your hair as I go. Slowly, carefully, and with just the right amount of pressure to make you tremble.

My warm breath on your neck, as I lean in to you from behind and all you hear is my breathing and slow sensual moan in your ear.

Your mind will conjure up all kinds of sensual images.

Your cock will twitch with instant arousal and desperate desire for me.

Maybe I’ll decide to allow you to feel my silk covered breasts against the back of your head, as I reach around and let my fingers trail down to your nipples. Playing with them, pinching them, stroking them and pulling them.

Oh my, look at that. Your cock – my cock now – isn’t just throbbing now, and twitching helplessly, it’s drooling.

You hear me chuckle softly, throatily, with just the barest hint of a primal growl to it, as I watch your reaction.

Maybe I’ll come around to your front, and stand just at the edges and in the middle of your tight apart knees. Now you can feel the heat of my body. Feel the silkiness of my stockings as I take a wider stance.

Maybe I raise my leg just enough to slide it up between your thighs and dangerously close to your balls, but never touching. Just teasing you mercilessly with my closeness.

When that moan escapes your lips, and it will, it always does, I might lean forward so you can feel the heat of my body shining down on yours, and whisper into your ears…

“What a good little plaything you are. So helpless, so very vulnerable for me. I can do anything to you right now and there is nothing you can do to stop me. Anything at all….”

“What are you going to do to me, Mistress?” you ask already slightly breathless.

Well pet, there is only one way to find out.
Talk Soon Naughty One-
Miss Peyton

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Cum Eating Instructions For You

Cum, Cei, Cum Eating Instruction

Cum Eating Instructions…

I remembered the first time you told me how you couldn’t get the idea of tasting your cum out of your head. Well, I’ve been thinking and I have the perfect solution for you.

Being that I’ve gotten into every aspect of your life thus far, and you are only fucking the Mrs. under strict supervision these days. Why not set something up where you just do things in reverse.

Oh I know, you may be a little confused by that statement. Allow me to clear things up for you. Here’s what you’ll do.

The two of you will relax with a glass of wine or two. Instead of the normal foreplay, you are going to just go for it. You are going to let her ride you or visa versa and when she seems simply frustrated at your premature finish you’ll dive right in.

YES, you heard me!

I said you’ll dive right between her legs and begin to lap up all those juices. Hers, yours and the wonderful creamy cum filled mess you two just made.

I have to warn you though, once you start, you can’t stop. My advice to you is to make sure you REALLY get her good and clean, don’t miss anything.There’s your little taste.

And I know you’ll enjoy it. Down to the last drop.
Talk Soon Naughty One-
Miss Peyton

The Perfect Fantasy Being Nothing More Than a Sex Toy

Sex Toy

Could You Be A Sex TOY?

What would you be willing to give up? Could you imagine giving up just about anything to held to a higher standard above other slaves in the stable? Are you be willing to be inspected as though you are nothing more than stock?

Imagine if you will being run through a line along with others so that you can be measured and inspected so that data can be stored.

Your measurements.

Your weight, and other pertinent information being kept about you. When/if it’s deemed you meet certain criteria are called upon to be tested are brought out so that myself and others can see if you are fit enough to be put into use.

Picture yourself being in an assembly line so to speak. You along with ten other hopefuls. You find yourself standing there. Hands tied behind your back.

Stripped down to nothing.

Myself with a few other Mistresses walking around in front of you. We take our time to inspect each part of your manhood. We bend you forward, we inspect your insides. And then we grab your testicles and squeeze.

It’s then that we begin to slowly stroke and tease you, this portion of the testing goes on for hours. You’ve been told that if you ejaculate before time that you will lose your turn as the sex slave. You have to endure this portion of the testing for as long as it takes. You must hang on. You break out in a sweat. Tears fall down your cheeks. You’ll do anything to please your Mistress.


After all you are nothing more than stock at this point.. remember?
Talk Soon Naughty One-
Miss Peyton