A Sub and His Secrets

I know a boy who has many secrets, he hides them from  from the world, in his world he’s a normal everyday guy.   In my world I have complete control over him.  submissivedustin

I took his cock and made it mine, I turned him into a blackmail slut, a cuckold boy, he lets me turn his life upside down at the drop of a hat.  This a  love hate relationship.  He loves to hate what I’ve done to his thought process and how I make him feel about his Mistress.

Right now I have him begging me to turn him into a cum slut, by definition we have yet to describe exactly what that would look like in his life.  How far down he is willing to go into that rabbit hole.  As his Mistress I have a pretty good idea.  He’s already given me control of his credit card, given me control of his family life and so far I I have leverage over him that would keep most boys awake at night.

Today is the day my sub needed to decide what he wanted to do for a treat for his Mistress, and he needed to decide now.   We all need baby steps, so I gave him options.  Suck a cock or being taken by force.  ~smirk~

I know you really can’t wait to hear the sorted details of what this bad boy decided, but… that my perverted ones is a entire new story all in itself.    This sub of mine has so many dark secrets and we have yet to scratch the surface.

Talk soon,

Mistress Peyton