A Sub’s Adventure

Hi A/all,

I am have had the recent pleasure (and privilege) of forging an online friendship with Mistress Peyton. After a recent conversation, She invited me to share a recent kinky anecdote from my personal life on her blog. I hope you, the readers, enjoy it. (Some words and phrases have been redacted for privacy sake.)

A few months ago, I discovered a group called *************. They are based out of ***********. When I found the group I discovered that one has to go to one of their munches to be vetted for a party. This would have been daunting under normal circumstances b/c the dinner place is about an hour and a half away from me, which makes the prospect of making that trip on a normal weeknight a daunting one. Fortunately, due to a scheduling break I discovered that I would be able to make the trek down to make the next dinner.Sub Adventure

The dinner went fine–there were about ten people in attendance. Two of the ladies were charter members of the group. Everyone was friendly, and there were some nice Sub’s Adventureconversations that took place throughout the night. My attendance ensured that I would be vetted for future attendance at the parties thrown by the group.

A month passed, and then I found myself driving down for my first party. About 15-20 people were already there at the dungeon when I arrived. There seems to be a regular protocol as far as the setup goes. It begins w/ a potluck dinner, w/ the ladies seated at a table and the men serving them. After that, there is usually some kind of demo I was told, though none was scheduled for this particular event. So it quickly went into “anything goes (SSC wise). Walking around, there were a number of setups of various play stations and the like. Most of the ladies were seated on a couch w/ the men standing around them. The hostess basically told the ladies “You are the predators and these are Your prey.” A good line. I felt an anxious, yet anticipatory smile come across my face.

Some of the men began disrobing and/or were called upon for specific engagement. I, being a bit nervous, and figuring I should just observe a bit first being that it was my first time there and one of my first times in general, hung back a bit. I watched some corporal punishment and a foot massage being given. Gradually I got a chance to become a bit more comfortable and was engaged a bit in some conversation.

About an hour later, a woman who was at the original dinner arrived. We exchanged pleasantries and then she asked me to sit off to the side w/ her to continue the conversation. After some more general chit chat about the scene in general, she began asking about myself in particular and what type of play I was seeking. Haha, the terror of the open ended question. I probably stammered a bit, as she took the queue to begin listing some potential ideas. “Would you like some flogging?” “Yes.” “How about some CBT?” “Yes.” “Would You like to worship my feet?” “Oh, YES.”

After a few more minutes, she asked me if I’d like to begin. She put me up against one of those cross and got out her collection of implements. She was very communicative about what she was going to be using, how I should expect it to feel, and the various ways I should communicate back depending on how it is feeling. She started on the gentle side and worked her way up. I wouldn’t say I have a huge tolerance for pain but the feeling of being exposed coupled w/ the sensations I was receiving was a vivid one. She instructed me to close my eyes so I would be more focused on those sensations.

After using all of her implements on my back and behind, she had me spin over so my front was facing her. Then she tied up my balls in a variety of knots and poses, followed by some twisting and crunching. That was certainly a first for me.

Finally she told me to grab some floor and told me to massage her feet. I don’t think You’d be surprised to hear that I was very much looking forward to doing this at the party if given the chance so I eagerly got down on the floor as she sat down in a chair above me. We continued our earlier conversation as I was doing this, and it was definitely a bit of a challenge maintaining my focus in both areas. It kind of reminded me as a kid taking driving lessons when the instructor would suddenly turn on the radio a few lessons in to see if one could handle the extra source of stimuli. She said I acquitted myself well for someone without very much experience. She was wearing stockings, so I figured if she wanted oral attention down there she’d ask for it, so I just concentrated on working with my hands.

Once we were finished w/ our time together I felt a bit more emboldened to make more introductions, and while those didn’t lead to more “adventures”, it was nice to meet some more ladies in advance of a future one. One woman in particular, was of note. If was also her first time at this event. She had arrived with one of the main hostesses. She had done a bit of play but was also relatively new to the “scene”.

We mostly just had a vanilla conversation, but she was a lot of fun to bounce off of. You know I have a weakness for banter, and there was a good deal of that going on. We eventually did meander back onto some more adult topics. I have to admit, my curiosity was piqued when she casually mentioned that she had strap on experience and how much she enjoyed it.

Since this party I’ve been to another one with this same group–if any interest is there, perhaps I’ll write that one up as well sometime.