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             Please allow me to introduce myself my name is Peyton, I'm a lifestyle Mistress with a twist.  Imagine that... ;)  With that, I'd like to share just a little bit about me...

I was born and raised in the south, early on in life I was taught that hard work and respect are key when striving for success.  Most have stated that they expected the soft spoken side of me but the “other side” far out weighed any expectation they’d ever imagined.  I attribute that to me not being the ordinary Southern Bell.

I guess you could say I’ve never fit the mold when it comes to tradition, I’ve never been “that girl” nor did I care to be.  People say you walk to the beat of your own drum, it’s true, when it happens it’s a beautiful thing..  life opens up to a magical journey for a wider perspective.

Much can be said about the type of Domination you experience with me some say I’m intense others say it’s overwhelming.  Truth be told what I offer is Sensual Domination, my ways are not like others, I’m devious and seductive at the same time working my way into your head causing that need to become very real.  What was once a craving develops into something you could compare to addictive, others have expressed emptiness without what I provide.  It’s excitement mixed with purpose added into a corruption that is accepted by the ways I manipulate and bend your way of thinking.

I touch on many parts of who you are as a submissive, be it a real sub or just exploring what that fantasy would look like in your world.  When I tell you that the mind is the largest sex organ of the human body I firmly believe that no truer words have ever been spoken.  When someone like myself reaches you on the mental and physical level you have a connection deeper than anything you’ll experience anyplace else.

With me you are allowed the freedom to develop into what you have always desired to be in truth.  Honesty is a huge part of the journey for us both.  I for one commit 100% of myself to providing you the total experience for what you desire providing it fits within the guidelines of my capabilities.  I myself do have hard limits.  There are areas I will not venture out in, I believe those are listed clearly on my  NiteFlirt Listing pages but should you have any questions or concerns regarding those limits I’m always open for discussion.

As I stated, this is a  lifestyle choice and isn’t for everyone..  it isn’t something that I pretend to do, I do not have a script I work from.  Please understand that I do not meet in Real Time with people as I am happy in my personal life the way it is at this time.  I do however enjoy very much assisting YOU with Real Time hook ups with those in and around the area you may be in or traveling to.  I am happy to do so anytime we are on a session together, just ask.

In closing I leave you with a couple thoughts, what I offer you is a real experience with someone who will not tolerate the BS, when you tell me something I take you for your word and honesty will get you everywhere with me.  It’s okay to have fears when it comes to those deep dark desires, everyone does.  You’ll find no judgement here, only the tools needed to expand upon the person you’ve wanted to be all along.   I hope this helps shed some light on who I am as a person, I’m always available for questions via email or by Yahoo IM.

One Final thought.. I’ve been asked over and again about the Brainwashing/Reprogramming/Hypno Sessions everything is mind over matter.. the question here is do you believe you are a good candidate?  If so… the only thing stopping you is you.

Talk Soon,

Mistress Peyton

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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. If I could travel economically to you, me kneel before your Imperial Presence, I prostrate before your actual feet, and would be slave / forever, even the smallest of your hair; Oh, His Divine Goddess. I have often imagined the girls, women, female beings (including gimbots, fembots, operated transsexuals (on it) and / or natural, dolls, aliens, / s mean they have female form)) as all-powerful beings, even in the smallest of his hair. magical powers, extraordinary strength, invulnerability every imaginable and unimaginable powers. Capable of becoming gigantic, moving each and every one of his hairs to tie, protect and / or enslave all the infinite

  2. I have searched so long for someone who properly respects the gift of my submissiveness, who will allow me in turn to respect her ownership of my life. I pray that she will take me on a life long journey. Thank you Goddess for your understanding and willingness to own and control me.

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