Well you guys know me.. never say I wont do something am I right? A few weeks ago I talked to William “Brandon” 30 yrs old, wants to do blackmail has cheated on his wife Kerry with 3 different women various times is Sgt. in Army. Been married for 7 years, he just can’t seem to be faithful no matter what.  baited

He has contacted me again with the following information.. “I stay at *** S Gray Beaver Ct. Moore SC, 29369” As far as I am concerned he has baited himself with his attitude as to me not holding up to my word. I believe we should help him understand just how far my arms reach around the web.. Wouldn’t you agree?

Ordinarily I wouldn’t add in all the juicy details but he’s gone a little above and beyond with his non belief in what I as Mistress will do to out his ass. ha ha.

He really just has no idea how bad this can get. I think together we will show him. I already know how many followers my blog, tumblr and twitter have, and I’m asking all of you to pick this up and reblog it for me as my devoted ones.

I know how happy it makes all of you to make me happy and nothing would please me more then for each of you to show the Big Bad Army guy just how far his little story can make it around the web.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

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