Bill of Rights

You have the right to be treated with respect.

Not only do you have this right, you have the right to demand it. Being submissive does not make you a doormat or less of a person than anyone else. The word “submissive” describes your nature and in no way diminishes you as a human being.

You have the right to respect yourself as well. You have the right to be proud of what you are. Being a submissive is nothing that should ever bring you shame or feelings of reproach. Your submissive nature is a gift and should always be a source of pride and happiness.

You have the right to feel safe. Being a submissive should not make you feel afraid, insecure or threatened. Submission is not about living on the edge or flirting with fear. In any situation you should feel safe or there can never be true surrender.

You have the right to your emotions and feelings. Your emotions and feelings come from you and they are just as valid as anyone else’s. You have a right to them. Those feelings, whether positive or negative, make you who you are and suppressing them will only bring unhappiness later. It is your responsibility to be open about those feelings with your Dominant.

You have the right to express your negative feelings. Being submissive does not make you an object that no longer has negative thoughts or concerns. Your concerns are real and you have every right to express them. If something doesn’t feel right, bothers you, makes you feel bad or you just plain don’t like something, say so. Failing to express your negative feelings could give the mistaken impression that you are pleased or satisfied with something that is not pleasurable or agreeable. You should not expect a Dominant to be a mind reader, until you tell them they do not know.

You have the right to say NO. Being submissive does not take away your right to have dislikes or negative feelings about things. If something is happening or about to happen that you feel strongly opposed to, it’s your duty to speak up. Tell your Dominant what you are feeling and have a discussion about it. Pushing limits is hard and your Dominant should have your best interests at heart.

You have the right to expect happiness in life. Being submissive is not tantamount to being miserable, suffering or a life of despair. Your submission should bring you joy, peace and fulfillment. If it doesn’t, then something is wrong.

You have the right to have input in a relationship. You are an active partner in any relationship you enter and have every right to contribute to it. You are submissive, not passive. A relationship that doesn’t include your needs, thoughts, hopes and desires is not one you should be in to begin with. This applies to friendships, partnerships and D/s relationships.

You have the right to belong. Being submissive greatly involves the feeling of belonging. Many submissives have expressed that it was in discovering their submissive nature that they felt as through they “belonged” for the first time in their lives. You belong to the lifestyle and will eventually belong to the One. It’s in that relationship you should find the final fulfillment of “belonging” at last.

You have the right to be loved and to love. Anyone who tells you that love doesn’t fit into a D/s relationship has never experienced the fulfillment of all it truly can be. Submissives are by nature loving and needing of love and have every right to expect this to be a part of their lives. It takes love to bring your submission into full bloom, so don’t settle for less.

You have the right to be healthy. Health involves your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Any relationship, D/s or otherwise, that causes you to suffer physically, mentally or emotionally, beyond your limits, is abuse. There is no place for abusive behavior in a D/s relationship and it’s up to you to make sure those lines are not crossed. Being a submissive does not give anyone the right to harm or injure you in any way. The D/s community will stand behind you if you should encounter such a situation but you are the one who has to make them aware before they can help.

You have the right to practice safe sex. Not only is this a right, it’s a duty to yourself and others you may come into contact with at a later date. Sexually transmitted diseases have reached epidemic proportions and must be a concern to any sexually active person. Safe Sex is something you have the right to insist upon and protecting yourself should never be discouraged by anyone who really has your best interests at heart.
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4 thoughts on “Bill of Rights

  1. A sense of belonging. Yes, indeed. Open to expressing feelings for Goddess Peyton to incorporate into Her program for you. Her program for breaking you.

    Speaking of belonging, there is nothing like belonging to Goddess Peyton. No one else understands your needs the way She does. No one can compel you to obey and improve like She can. She has eradicated the pseudo-domination I had experienced before I came under Her spell. And all this accomplished in a few Niteflirt conversations. What will it be like, in Her presence, at Her feet? I will beg Her to allow me to find out. Until then, I will call and pay and learn. Learn how to be a good boy for Goddess Peyton. It is inevitable that my surrender will be total. “Good boy”, She says. Down on my knees I go. At the altar of Peyton, female deity, the dominant word made flesh.

  2. Wow, so refreshing to see a Dominatrix being so real. She obviously is the real-deal lifestyle fem-dom that understands the right way to have a D/s relationship. Has the right idea (in my humble opinion) of the roles of both dominate and submissive partners in any interaction. I would consider myself extremely lucky to have Ms. Peyton in my life in any capacity…and thrilled at any opportunity to serve Her. And of course, I would be eager to please, amuse, entertain Her, or whatever She was wanting.

  3. To Whom It May Concern..
    I’ve worked my ass off on my Blog, I appreciate that you admire me enough to stop in and see what I do, truth be known I’ve went around looking at you guys pages as well. Are my ideas all just the greatest? NO! Did some of you inspire the fuck out of me? Hell yes! You guys Rock!! I’m not that way and would greatly appreciate it if you’d step off my work. Great information can be found for free EVERY Where on the web. LOOK it up I DID.

    I will GLADLY share ideas with anyone who I think has NO ill will toward working together for the greater good of ladies everywhere. I will NOT put myself through drama or a bunch of hear say. Gossip Sucks!

    Call me crazy but there is no greater feeling then knowing we’ve done something great by working side by side and helping one another succeed. There is so much hate and shame going round the world today, we should be bringing one another up not cutting each other off at the knee.

    I hope something I have said helps you to understand you have to work hard to feel good about who you are, be real, be authentic, be you.

  4. Mistress Peyton, I’m new to your website (so I hope you’re ok with me addressing you that way – dommes are all different). That bill of rights is beautiful in both intent and wording! At the risk of sounding effusive, I’m not certain I’ve ever felt so respected as a submissive male.

    A search for “sensual domination” is what brought me to your site, for obvious reasons. While I arrived and began to read the article with only one free hand – sexuality and femdom often being deeply intertwined for me – that agenda is almost gone for the moment. Don’t be offended. It will return! 🙂 I just want to thank you first.

    Just a few of the statements which impressed me and had me nodding: “Your submission should bring you joy, peace and fulfillment.” “You are submissive, not passive.” “Submissives are by nature loving and needing of love.” Wow, yes, bravo, and HEAR HEAR!

    I am a real man; a real person. I am strong, confident, happy, reasonably intelligent, deeply thoughtful, considerate almost to a fault, and proud of my integrity. I have lots of interests outside of femdom, or outside of sex for that matter.

    At the same time, I CRAVE humiliation at the hands of a hot female or group. I long to be milked at some evil clinic run by women. I’m starving for a chance to hump a nice stockinged leg or leather boot while its owner reads a magazine or chats with other ladies, even if some of them can’t help giggling or shaking their heads in astonishment. I hope someday I might kneel on a busy street in front of my domme, to adjust her shoes or make a human table for her to go through her purse as people stare and point. I’m thrilled by the idea of being so helplessly aroused that I’ll passionately fuck a silly sex doll in front of a gaggle of high-society ladies dressed to the nines, marveling at my primal needs and apparent absence of shame. I shiver at the idea of being the slave during a session in which an experienced domme is teaching a sweet young thing how to turn a man’s lust into her entertainment and pleasure.

    Some of the other practitioners of femdom whom I’ve had the displeasure to meet would do well to read and adopt the words you posted. I refer to those who think it’s all about them, who see subs not as people, but only as a dildo, a wallet, or a pair of vulnerable balls for their boot. Also those who think it can ONLY be about pain or violence, those whose only tool is yelling or cussing, and those who are dishonest, even downright criminal.

    Don’t get me wrong, ladies! HURT YOUR SUB if you want. Lock up his penis, then cocktease him for hours – days – months! Still, make him wear a face dildo, because *your* pleasure shouldn’t stop just because his does. Even kick his balls and take his tribute money if that’s what you both need. There’s nothing wrong with raping his wallet… using a sub for your vaginal pleasure, or as a squishy target that screams when you hit the bullseye with your fancy new Louboutins. I understand! A dominant lady should use any mutually-acceptable weapon or tool. Her enjoyment is very important!

    My point is that he is also *more* than a wallet or a dildo. He is more than a target for your verbal abuse. Personally I find yellers to be boring and weak, but if that works for you, go for it. He’s more than a pair of balls. Truth be told, I would not have the courage to practice this one, due to health concerns and doubts about being able to tolerate the intense pain of ballbusting. I like seeing OTHER men get it. 🙂 My objection is to those who can see ONLY the balls, and not the man attached to them… to fulfilling her understandable sadistic desires with no regard to his emotional needs.

    I’ve been walked naked, on all fours across a hard floor, by a busty but fully clothed lady with a cock-leash, while a petite Vietnamese lady – whom I ached to fuck – rode me like a horse and giggled with the leash-holder. The tug of the straps forced me to change direction several times, while also stimulating my already-inflamed penis to a fever pitch. The pussy and bottom which I almost literally ached for, and which could have provided exquisite relief, was inside the sexy leather miniskirt which I could feel against the skin on my back, tantalizingly close but out of my reach. Perhaps in the back of my mind I knew I had the strength and the chance to flip over and suddenly be on top of this exciting girl, and to feel my naked cock touch the pantyhose crotch for a heavenly second before the leash was suddenly and violently tugged… but I felt completely under her spell. When my rider later kindly granted me permission to get on my knees at her heels, jerk off and spew three hours of ball custard into her gloved hand, she took advantage of my mouth being wide open in a loud moan, and promptly fed me my emanation.

    This is all to say, yes, I’m kinky! But I’m so much more.

    Numerous other experiences have had me debasing myself in various ways, pleading to empty my balls, moaning, squirming, spending, even crying. So strong are my drives and my fantasy scenarios that I have risked my dignity, my health, my finances, even my safety at various times.

    But I am no wimp, no doormat, no monster, no creep and, I like to think, no fool. I am simply an imaginative, kinky, adventurous and open-minded human being exploring my feelings, my psyche, and my limits. I still have rights. I need respect and admiration. I need intimacy, communication and love, especially love. I suspect I carry baggage from females who’ve been careless with my sensitive nature, or even (in a few cases) manipulative. I have felt used, embarrassed, ashamed, taken advantage of. And I feel some measure of resentment and envy over female sexual power. Or maybe I’m looking at it wrong; maybe I just feel shame over my sexual WEAKNESS, and lust.

    In the end, whether my cravings come from a psychological need to work through some feelings, from my needy penis, or (likely) some combination, I’m still a person, with an impressive circle of friends and loved ones, only a few of whom would understand. I won’t presume to think you would be one of those friends if you knew me, or that I would earn your respect, but your words in the bill of rights make me think the chances are good. If nothing else, I feel I would be treated with dignity after the shaming, and that’s just about the best combination I can imagine!

    Thank you for reading, Mistress Peyton, and mostly for what you posted.

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