Bookstore Adventure

So I went for a ride yesterday. Drove until I found a book store. Went in, fumbled for 6.00 to put in the machine. Unzipped my fly, and someone walked into the booth next to me. bookstore

I looked over, and there was a huge hole in the wall. I’d not even seen it when I entered the booth. Instinctively, I put my hand to the hole and made a motion with my fingers. Within seconds, a plump cock with a large head was at the hole.  Again, I had no thought, just reached out and grabbed it.

Volume-wise, it was nearly twice the size of my own 4.5″ Length was probably seven inches, girth about five inches in circumference. I leaned forward and took it into my mouth. I sucked hard for about a minute, he pulled back.
He put his face to the hole and looked at me. He pulled back, and his cock reappeared. This time it didn’t take long, within a minute of tugging and sucking, his cock exploded into my mouth, and I swallowed every drop.

I then found some porn that had about the same story, and jerked my little cock to it into my hand, licking it all up. Holy shit, that just happened.

Then later in the evening, I sucked and kissed my girlfriend’s pussy for an hour, bringing her to exactly 22 orgasms, and was more turned on than I’ve ever been. We then had sex in various kamasutra positions, hardly moving, just breathing as she came time after time.

I haven’t made it out to get the panties yet, but will update with pics when i do. In the meantime, thank you for your time yesterday,