Carlos- A Sissy Blackmail Installment

Carlos calls me from a hotel in Miami Fl, he’s been up drinking all night and can hardly wait to give me the details of his miserable day to day existence.

As fate would have it Carlos wants to serve on another level, what he really wants and needs is to be of use to anyone who will have him. You see he’s not just a Sissy, he wants/needs to be exposed in the highest power.  carlossissy

After much wallet draining he has decided that he would love the opportunity to be a Full Service Sissy, meaning he would like to suck cock on a professional basis in order to have the attention of a beautiful girl such as myself.

For instance right now he’s laying in his hotel room in just his panties trying to figure out how he could be of service to me. He’s already admitted that his Ex Girlfriend (Marline) didn’t find him useful in the bedroom so she dressed him as most would like a good lil bitch while she had sex with real men.  And then he admits what he really is… a Cuckold. LMFAO

Anyone in the Miami area feel free to submit an email to me and I’ll hook you guys up, he really would enjoy having a stiff one down his throat.
Talk Soon,
Miss Peyton

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