Caught In the Shoe Closet

Here’s a little story brought you by one of my good boys… Enjoy!

I’m a construction contractor and was hired by a gorgeous woman to build her a front porch for her house, and that’s where my story begins. I had been working for a few days and had the footers and frame constructed, she had mentioned how pleased she was with the progress I was making…and

I couldn’t take my mind off her legs and feet.

Anytime she would come out and check on the work progress I couldn’t help myself from admiring her gorgeous toes in her shoes. Sometimes she would be wearing heels, other times sneakers, sometimes her feet would be bare. Intoxicating to think about. She had mentioned she was going to be leaving for a bit and that if I needed anything, bathroom or water, that I should help myself.

Shortly after she departed I went inside her house to use the toilet…and I found my way into her bedroom and into her closet.

She had so many different pairs of shoes:

heels, flats, tennis shoes in all different colors. I couldn’t help myself and picked up a pair of pink heels to sniff. They smelled wonderful. I was so distracted I didn’t hear her come back inside and close me into her closet, locking the door. I was cornered, locked in, and holding a client’s shoes in my hand sniffing them. Stumbling and stammering over my words I tried telling her that I took a wrong turn on the way to her bathroom, I was getting a bit desperate–would she call the police? Would she kick me out of her house? Would she do all of these things AND write a yelp review about while I’m a very good contractor that I take breaks to sniff shoes? What would happen to my business in the long term?

She told me through the door to do exactly as she said, she told me to get on my knees. I obeyed immediately, not knowing what she was going to do. She opened the door, I saw her gorgeous feet in a pair of strappy heels. She had a stern look on her face. She made a statement about how much I must love feet, followed by explaining that she was going to be hosting a party and that the porch must be completed. Then she asked if I had anything that I needed to get out of my system so that I could get back to work on the porch? I couldn’t believe my ears. She wasn’t furious, just stern, expectant. I nodded to her and said that I thought her feet were lovely and couldn’t help thinking about them.

She laughed at me, realizing my predicament.

She sat in her chair and ordered me to crawl over and to remain kneeling at her feet. Not knowing yet what to expect as she toyed with me I crawled to her feet. She ordered me kiss her toes and to remove her shoes for her, my heart was racing I was so excited. I did as I was told and kissed her toes and slid her feet out of her heels. She asked if I was enjoying myself? Of course I was! “Lick them and suck them.” Was her simple order. I held her feet in my hands, rubbing my thumbs into the balls of her feet and suck-kissing each of her lovely toes. I couldn’t believe my luck! My cock was rock hard in my pants as I worshiped her gorgeous feet! I kept sucking each of her toes, one at a time and rubbing the soles of her feet with my thumbs.

She ordered me to pull my pants down.

I immediately obeyed her and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants pulling them and my boxer shorts down. She ordered me to jack off for her. I started stroking for her. She ordered me to “cum in your other hand”. Jacking off for her and being so horny from worshiping her feet I came fast. My hips bucking as I came in my own hand. I looked up at her. She looked down at me and asked “is that what you needed?” I nodded “yes”. Then she said “good, now pull up your pants, wash your hand, and go finish the damn porch; next time you get these urges I’m going to paddle your balls with the sole of one of my heels!”

…..Imagine if it where you!  Wow Right??

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Masturbation Therapy, Oh My!

Masturbation Therapy, How may I Help You?

Yeah, I can only imagine that’s what you believed you’d hear.  Or is it?  Let’s just be honest with one another and lay it all on the table.

Masturbation Therapy


First things first, you love to touch yourself.  Am I right?  Secondly you love listening to me instruct you on HOW to touch yourself.  Put those two things together and you’ve got the perfect combination.  I mean seriously??

Well, I am your therapist of sorts.  Now that we’re being real with one another.  I do guide you in ways you’ve never had before.  I help you have those “toe curling” orgasms.   OR not!  Depending on the mood I’m in will depend on how long you get to build that load for me.  Either way when you do finally blow it will be memorable that’s for sure.

One things for sure you’ll be one happy boy toy and I’ll be one proud Mistress once you’ve followed through to the end of one amazing session with me.

Talk Soon Naughty One-

Miss Peyton

Drop to Your Knees Worship My Feet

At Her Feet

Worship Shoes, Feet and Toes!

You simply can’t stop staring at my beautiful soft and freshly pedicured feet. The elegance of my long toes has you enthralled. The delicate design on my beautiful toe nails has you under a spell. The way the peak out from my open toed high heeled shoes makes you weak and all you want to do is drop to your knees to worship my feet, my shoes, my toes.

Already you are picturing me sitting in a chair above you, you on your knees, gently – carefully – worshipful lifting each foot in turn and kissing, licking, sniffing, and caressing every inch of those lovely strap open toed, high heeled silver shoes of mine.

Cleaning the dust from my walking off them with your tongue, careful not to miss even the tiniest bit. Licking the soles to assure that they too are nice and properly cleaned.

Surely it’s nasty, but to you it’s divine.

You want nothing more then to lick and suck on the stiletto heel of my lovely shoes, sucking on it as if it was a shoe cock. Oh I tease you about that all the time, that you are a little faggot for my high heel. Sucking on it so lovingly and so worshipful. I know the very thought is making your cock twitch. You are so aroused by it, that you groan.

You take your time with worshiping and serving my high heeled shoes, a sweet torment to your body and mind. I love seeing how enthralled and fully focused you become when I give you that honor.

That’s a good boy, I softly whisper, stay focused on your task. Don’t miss a single inch. I watch as your eyes glaze over, you sinking into a feverish pitch of sexual arousal and utter worship.

After a while I have a wonderful idea.

You are being such a good boy, that I want to give you a special type of reward. I call a hold to your worship and you stop reluctantly. Thinking that your time at my feet – with my shoes – has come to an end. I order for you to go and get my black high heeled pair of shoes, which I have worn for years now. My scent is deeply ingrained inside of the leather. When you bring it to me I tell you to hold one of them to your nose and inhale deeply.

Your face is priceless as you realize what a special privilege I am granting you today. That’s right, good boy, bury your nose in my shoe and inhale deeply. Let the scent of the shoe and lingering scent of my foot go deep into your nostrils and permeate your mind.

Your cock is twitching so hard, I am wondering if you are going to cum without even touching yourself. Inhaling the scent of my shoe, it’s leather coupled with the scent of my foot, drives you mad with lustful thoughts.

I grin with mischief in my eyes as I hold out the second shoe to you and tell you to …

Oh you want to know what else I have on my mind?  Well I guess you’ll just have to pick up the phone and call me now to find out!

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

Crawl to My Feet

Wiggling red painted toes, curling and uncurling tightly, the arching of the feet, and then with a contented sigh feet flat on a soft velvet pillow. The tap of a crop just slightly in front of it, and a sensual yet stern voice speaking just above your head:

“Crawl to My Feet, it’s time to serve and worship them pet!”

A visual call to foot worship  which never fails to drop the slave into his place and make his heart race with anticipation.  It’s the sensual foot tease before the beckoning to service.Crawl To My Feet
That invisible leash being tugged makes you sink to your knees before my divine feet ready to adore them.  The arch of my soles is  like a stairway into heaven.  The  gateway which your mind crawls through to a better place. One filled with the heavenly soft skin of my soles.  Or at times the slight scent of sweat or dirt  after a long days walk.

Each line and crinkle of my bare sole becomes a road map to be explored and worshiped with your tongue and kisses as you follow its path to foot slave obedience.  There is no better place for you to be then at my heels.  Imagine scrambling to keep up with me as I walk across the room.   Kneeling in obedience before me awaiting that special moment when I allow you to press your face against them.   Letting my scent enter your mind and claim you from the inside out.

Cradle my feet softly in your hands pet and speak of them in glowing words of worship to me. Tell me how much you love them, how beautiful they are, and what you would do for just for another taste of my precious feet.  You always begin with serving my feet my love, but as you grow to love them, your service will turn into worship. Deep, loyal, and unending worship of my beautiful divine feet.

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

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