My Good Boy

My Good BoyMy Good Boy…

I can just see you  imagining that happy smile on my face while I softly whisper “good boy” in your ears. I also fully understand how you drop to your knees before you even know it. Now of course I always know what’s best for you my love. Part of knowing what’s best comes with helping you to stop thinking like the typical male. What you should do is start thinking like a worshipful submissive subject to his Queen.

A deeply satisfying relationship between U/us is always symbiotic. Yes, I said it, it brings pleasure to both partners involved. It feeds upon each other and it doesn’t require any type of force, but happens naturally.

As the worshipful submissive subject that I adore gazing down upon with a smile of blissful possession over you as my beloved slave and toy, it is your primary purpose to get to know me so well that you can service me without having to be hand held the entire way.

You should find it an honor to get to know the preferences I have, not just when it comes to kinks and fetishes, but in everyday things as well.
What does my Mistress enjoy and what would bring that glowing smile of happiness to her lips today? Should be a question that you ask yourself daily. Searching for the little things that make me laugh, that warm my heart, and that how me so beautifully that I have chosen well when I gave you the opportunity to become my submissive toy.

How can you be of use to me? What would ease my stress and turn a bad day to rights? What do I find amusing and funny? What is my sense of humor like? What types of hobbies do I enjoy that you could amuse me with or discuss with me? What are some of my more private enjoyments that you may have the honor of sharing with me?

All of those things are extremely important for a submissive toy to seek out diligently and put to good use. I can guarantee you without a doubt, that those who do this and place me into an exalted and well-loved position with this type of beautiful understanding about what it means to be a truly “good boy”, will always rank among my personal favorites.
Talk Soon Naughty One,
Miss Peyton

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Naughty Dreams

I’ve put together what I like to call Naughty Dreams, a gift from me to you.

In honor of the Holiday Season I thought I’d help you understand a little something about yourself.

There’s nothing quite like the need that washes over you, the way you sound when your about to cave in. It’s that sound you make, that deep throaty sound! No matter how much you try, you’ll never be able to earn the reward of my touch upon your cock.  Don’t believe me?  I’ll show you.

Naughty Dreams

Strip for me, right now! All the way down until you are completely exposed and vulnerable for me. I want to look at you in your nakedness and enjoy your desperation for me.

Now kneel down before me and press your face against my beautiful pantied ass. No, I didn’t say you could put your hands on me, just your face. Lean in, inhale, don’t kiss, don’t taste, just inhale. Stay like that without touching yourself, just inhaling my fragrance. Taking in my scent until there is nothing in your mind besides that the way I smell and how desperate you are to touch me.

Very good, I can see your poor cock twitching and jerking in the mirror. It begs for attention, but you are only allowed the pleasure of inhaling me deeply, not to touch yourself.

Enough, you had enough, get back on your knees. Be still, watch, listen, don’t touch and don’t talk. I want you to be still for me, completely and utterly still.

You have dreamed of feeling my hands on you for so long now. You have dreamed in your naughty dreams about my fingers on your cock and what it would feel like if I’d touch you. I will give that you now, but you cannot move. You cannot make a sound. You cannot lean into the touch, you have to stay completely still. If you or any part of you moves even an inch I’ll stop.

I let the very tips of my fingers run around your balls, not touching them, just right around them. Slowly and teasingly. I can see your body twitch. It feels so good and you want desperately to move, to offer yourself to me, but you can’t.

I smile and tease you as I lean over a little more giving you the perfect view of my cleavage and I can see you shudder. I lift my finger up and let it hover right above your shaft so close, only half an inch away from it, and you can feel the warmth of my skin radiating down on your engorged and desperate cock.

I lick my lips teasingly as I bring my fingers closer, closer, closer and just as I am about to give you your reward for being a good boy and not moving….

your cock betrays you as it always does and jumps helplessly in anticipation and need for me.

I stand up and laugh at you, before I walk away and sit down on my chair, with my legs crossed properly and looking down at you almost crying in desperation.

I told you that if you or any part of you moved even the slightest I would stop. You see the thing is, you can’t help yourself. Your cock will always jump for me, will always betray you and will always end up causing you to be denied by me. Oh I know, it’s unfair but it’s oh so amusing for me to tease and ultimately deny you.

Oh, Your Welcome… And Merry Christmas!

Talk Soon,
Miss Peyton

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Consensual Slavery

Consensual Slavery, at first blush sounds like nirvana for the male submissive. What does it mean? Are not 1 hour or 2 hour sessions with a Domme a form of consensual slavery, temporary as that may be, or does the term mean much more?

Consensual Slavery

I have to say that to me, consensual slavery really does mean much more, and there are times that I think it’s a lifestyle I would relish! It would need to be done with a Dominant woman that there is a meaningful relationship with, there is a great deal of trust that is necessary for this to work.

To be owned in this way is to give yourself totally to your Mistress, to exist for her benefit and to serve her needs. To me this would require a balance between being a productive member of society ( you can’t serve your Mistress if you can’t earn an income) and then turning yourself over to service at the end of the work day to completely ensuring your owner is attended to and taken care of in any way she sees fit.

This of course requires a chastity belt to be worn when working, after all you are owned in every way, and to me giving up control of your orgasm is of great significance. The other aspect of this relationship is to live a minimal lifestyle as you will need to support your Mistress with most of your income, you are her slave, her property and as such all of what is yours (it’s not really yours) is hers.

Now at the start I described this a relationship, and it truly is, if you are giving up control there needs to be someone to take it, consensual slavery requires a slave and owner to both be present in the relationship. The Mistress controls everything but needs to be present emotionally for her slave. This is not to say the slave, toy, boy, won’t be uncomfortable, after all if pain and suffering bring joy to Mistress, then that is his fate, he is property and will used as Mistress sees fit.
To serve a woman in this way, to truly live for her every essence, to be controlled sexually, to suffer for her joy is the ultimate. to give it all to her is Consensual Slavery to find a woman that shares your view of female supremacy is special. To serve Mistress Peyton in this way, to be her slave, simply put PERFECTION!

…… Well Thank You My Pet! For all the rest of you, might I suggest you submit in a very real way, give all of you to me.

Talk Soon Naughty One,
Miss Peyton

1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383

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Edging Phone Sex

There’s nothing quite like Edging Phone Sex, I mean have you ever had me keep you on the edge of your seat? How about to the point that your pathetic little dicklett weeps with need?Edging Phone Sex

I have a couple favorite games to play with some of you, it’s the one where I have you count and/or combination double stroke whilst you count. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get once I start the timer… I mean there’s no WAY you get to release at this point… However, I do enjoy the weak and needy parts of you. Especially when you are really close. I mean so close to blasting off that you actually twitch when I command you to S-T-O-P! HaHa

Take a minute to really allow yourself to get into the moment that you can hear my sweet southern accent in your ear.. listen to my commands, do you have what it takes to go through one of my most favorite games in the entire world?

Talk Soon Naughty One,
Miss Peyton

1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383

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Smoking Fetish

GBD1 Smoking fetish, in many ways these days bordering on a Taboo Fetish, since for all practical purposes now smoking is seen as something nasty and destructive. The Media sure likes to ruin our fun about the enjoyment it brings to US smokers, doesn’t it. Oh and not to mention the enjoyment you little smoke lovers have watching a beautiful woman smoking in front of you.

Do you know what I love so much about being a smoking Mistress?

That is makes you so weak for Me. You don’t even have to see it at times, all I have to do is tell you all about My smoking and letting you hear the slow in and exhales, the flipping of the lighter and describe the smoke flowing all around you. Instant erection, instant weakness and oh those moans I hear from you. Yes, your mind and cock is so easily manipulated by the very idea of Me smoking.

I just finished a conversation with a smoke lover. His was the eroticism of watching a woman smoke while he would masturbate in front of her. The slow teasing of my inhales and exhales while watching him stroke his cock. Ah and when I told him how I would dangle my cigarette between my red lips and reach out to …

Haha no you don’t get to hear the rest for free sorry, but I think you get the picture. I had him panting in no time and than true to My Mistress form, I told him he wasn’t even allowed to cum. Bam… orgasm denial while teasing him mercilessly. You should have heard him BEG. I loved it. Now talking about doing something as simple as smoking or talking about smoking and making a man so weak that he BEGS. I find that powerfully intoxicating to MY senses. I do so love to hear boys beg.

That of course is the mildest and most intimate form of smoking fetish. A sweetly done sensual domination of his mind and senses. No pain involved. A virtual GF or wife type of session really in which I enter his mind and life with my smoking ways. Controlling his cock any way I like via my smoking ways.

Ah yes, sensually delightful, but of course Me being a Mistress I do so love to go a little harsher. Nothing more arousing than smoke slave or human ashtray training for Me. The more submissive the little Tarbitch is for Me the better. When it comes to smoke slave training I enjoy going from mild to extreme. Mild might be forcing him to smoke for Me and on My command while I smoke as well. Smoke inhale or exhale endurance training in which I strain his lungs and truly fuck them with Mistress Nicotine as My helper. Making those eyes water and eliciting those coughs he just can’t stop himself from. Teasing him about how he is ruining his lungs for Me and more. Cutting off his nostrils either with my fingers or a clothepeg and forcing My second hand smoke directly into his mouth. Oh the list goes on and on and I am an expert at all of those things. Of course if I want to go the extreme route I do Cigarette Torture with him and now it gets hot upclose and personal. This is not for the wimpy smoke addicts among you and I do take My time during those types of sessions. I inflict pain but I do not harm, well outside the harm that smoking brings naturally, but than you go into it knowing those risks.

Human Ashtray training is another delight and has so many lovely things included in it that I can do to you. From various positions as you eat My ashes, to consuming the cigarette butts, to having the cigarette put out on your tongue before consuming it and even the humiliating Mechanical Ashtray training that I do so adore.

NO matter which way I go with it one thing remains the same. I am the one in charge and you are just a little smoke addicted slave for MY amusement.

Now those types of sessions I do on
Niteflirt Mistress Listing: Call GoddessBellaDonna for phone sex on $1.99 a min.

Now of course I always like to include other fetishes into it as well, so you never know what your smoking fetish phonesessions with me would look like. It’s always tailored to what you can handle and what I am in the mood for at that moment. Of course that is how it should be, because Mistress like her powerfix over weak little smoke bitches like you.


Give Me a call and experience it for yourself. Make sure you have cigarettes handy and a bottle of water if you are looking for smoking instructions from Me, you’ll need them.

Goddess Bella Donna