Edging Phone Sex

There’s nothing quite like Edging Phone Sex, I mean have you ever had me keep you on the edge of your seat? How about to the point that your pathetic little dicklett weeps with need?Edging Phone Sex

I have a couple favorite games to play with some of you, it’s the one where I have you count and/or combination double stroke whilst you count. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get once I start the timer… I mean there’s no WAY you get to release at this point… However, I do enjoy the weak and needy parts of you. Especially when you are really close. I mean so close to blasting off that you actually twitch when I command you to S-T-O-P! HaHa

Take a minute to really allow yourself to get into the moment that you can hear my sweet southern accent in your ear.. listen to my commands, do you have what it takes to go through one of my most favorite games in the entire world?

Talk Soon Naughty One,
Miss Peyton

1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383

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A Word From Toy…

A word from Toy

A Word From Toy

Often times on a whim  you’ll receive a set of Instructions from me, it would be a pity should you decide not to follow along… Only a select few are brave enough to do exactly as I say.. Some say it’s more than rewarding.. Below is a sneak peak into what a day with MY Control would look like for you…

The crack of a whip, the sound of stilettos across the dungeon floor, even the soft caress of Mistresses stocking foot across  your face; all these sensations pale in comparison to when Mistress Peyton deems you lucky enough to receive instructions that represent her will and control over you.

The excitement that comes over you as you read her implicit instructions, her toy becomes instantly aroused and like a drug you wait for the next command, it’s like a snap of her fingers that shoots straight to your heart, and you obey, because that’s all there is in life that is important. You must make her happy, amuse her that is the only option.

Mistress Peyton will often tease me over the course of the day. She will command me to edge for her, over and over, till I am out of my mind with lust to serve her. In between she will inflict pain upon her toy, this is just to remind you even more that the thing hanging between your legs is no longer yours, but hers to do what she pleases with. It is in these moments that you realize her power and more importantly who owns and controls that toy between your legs. It is in fact a mouse that she smacks and teases like a cat does its prey, and all the while all you are left with is wanting more, the next set of commands!

There is no greater feeling than knowing that Mistress Peyton has tested your will, and that you passed cause she instills in you the need to be hers, to be owned and suffer for her enjoyment…..really that is all that matters. I belong to Mistress Peyton! Get used to that phrase, cause that is all you’ll really want anyway!

I hope this meets with your approval Mistress I’m Yours to control and abuse.
Your slave,

… Call Miss Peyton 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383

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Seductive Hypnosis

Suductive HypnosisPhone Sex isn’t exactly what it used to be, today’s consumer wants and needs something much more.  As your Mistress I find new and Innovated ways to deliver the Ultimate Mind Fuck.

One way of delivering an over whelming experience to you is by way of Seductive Hypnosis.  I’ve developed a unique skill that has you weak and begging for more in only a few sessions.  Some of you aren’t even aware that I’ve homed in on these skills, the only thing you are noticing is the desire to make me happy, followed by my continued happiness being at the forefront of everything you know and believe.

Being a strong believer in mind over matter I’ve learned to take what you know to be true and couple those beliefs with the intense desire unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Our communication is based strictly on the desire you’ve approached me with, from there the Mental Stimulation proceeds to take a life of it’s own, I’m a great listener and even better at reading your deepest darkest needs.  Before long you’ve found yourself willing to do almost anything to keep me happy so that you assure yourself of being in the position of reaching the ultimate high.

For some of you the Seductive Hypnosis will become the new drug in your life, never fear it’s addictive but in a good way.  For others the mind fuck is still addictive but you fight it.  Fighting it only causes you to toss and turn at night while you hear my voice ringing in your ears.

My advice to you would be that you relax, let yourself really relax and use the visual images I’ve placed in your head, use those to help you decide where it is you want to be.  I’m pretty certain the place you need to be is beneath me as there really is nothing else that would provide you more purpose.  Trust me when I tell you that making me happy gives you all the purpose you’ll ever need.

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Mistress Peyton

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Simply Irresistble

Mistress AlexisWho is intuitive, creative, and simply irresistible? Me, of course. I’ll have you wrapped around My little pinky, and dance around naked in your dreams. Or, crush them…
I’m the One that you were once warned about. I’m the One Who can make you lose your mind, wallet, and load – if I let you. Once I do, you’ll give until it hurts. Being the glutton that you are, you’ll be coming back for more. But, more of what? Punishment, tease and deny, humiliation, uncontrollable sluttery? Or, satisfaction of giving Me everything to please Me? Maybe you want those limits pushed beyond any way that you have ever imagined… I can do that.
I’m not just the giggly girl next door, but also the One with a sinister side. I’ll slither My way deep inside of you, while I take control of your body, mind, and orgasm. Just keep in mind that I extremely enjoy provoking you to push those limits. I’ll take you on a wild ride with sexually charged intensity, that has no boundaries – unless I say otherwise. Explore your inhibitions. But, be warned! It can become addicting, because I Am the perfect drug. I’ll flow through your veins, and have you begging for more. There is no cure, and you’re never going to break this habit. By the time that I have My long fingernails wrapped around your addictions, there won’t be a need for Me to ask you to push it further – you’re going to want to. And anything that you thought was once yours’, is now all Mine. 
For more about Me, pics, stories, phone sex slut gossip, sadistic debauchery, and other things that I choose to share, check out http://www.aphonesexblog.com/
Mistress Alexis
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The Dom’s Pov

Let me start this writing with this notice. When you see Dom, I am using it as an abbreviation of “Dominant” that includes men, women and everything in between. I do not want you anyone to think I am excluding women in this.  FetCast

As I sit down to write this I can’t help but having my mind distracted by a million different things. Is this week’s episode of FetCast ready? Do I have an episode saved up for next week and if not do I have a guest I can call upon to record one with soon? Have I cleaned the toys and equipment from last week’s party and prepare for the next (or at least appointed the task to a sub)? Have I talked to all the play partners lately that way they don’t think the only time I remember them is when I want to play? Have my personal problems in my life affected any of my relationships lately? I wanted to write a lot sooner but just now had the chance to. As a Dom I myself find my plate to be a little full and I still can’t help but to add more to it.

When it comes to being a good Dom, there is a lot of work we have to put into it, after all that is our job. Sure it’s the subs that serve us, they may be the ones that follow our orders and do what we say (if that’s your kind of D/s). In the end, the Doms are the captains of the ship and the subs are the crew of the ship. The help the ship running, but without the Doms doing what it is we do, the ship would be floating aimlessly.

We have to juggle everything in our vanilla lives with our BDSM lives perfectly for our subs. At times it can feel like we have three or four full time jobs while working overtime. One useful tool a Dom should have is to have another Dom to confide in. I believe every Dom has one, I know that I do and it really helps take the edge off. Sometimes puts things in perspective for me that I wasn’t seeing. It’s a community for a reason, you need to people you can trust to talk to. Hardest thing to do is to not let the subs see that side of us. We are expected to be the Dom 24/7 and it’s a lot of work to make sure there are no cracks in the hull.

So the next time you are servicing your Dom with whatever task it is that they have assigned to you, you just need to know you were assigned it for a reason. Whatever reason that is, you just need to be happy that you were asked or told to do it to begin with and you need to reply with an answer that your Dom would find acceptable. I once asked a sub “what would you do if I told you to jump?” They replied by saying they would ask me “How high?” Wrong answer, the answer I accept is that the sub is to jump and just pray to God that it’s high enough.

Until next time, stay kinky.
-KingHulk (creator and host of FetCast)





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