A Submissive Pet Worthy of Serving

Collared, Slave, Pet

Submissive pet worthy of serving me and belonging to me.

You’ve come a long way, pet. I am very pleased and proud of you. We had a few rough spots here and there, but together we worked through them and past them. You have been obedient, amusing, eager to please, and loyal. You, my pet, have always shown your dedication to becoming a submissive pet worthy of serving me and belonging to me. I have found great pleasure in guiding you into the perfect way to be my plaything, my devotee, and my treasure.

Today, is the day, you have been waiting for so long.

The day, when I place my collar around your neck and with that claim you as my slave for all to see. Mine and mine alone, bound to me in submission, honor, integrity, and devotion.

I want you to understand the importance of this moment before we will both enter into the Collaring Ceremony. I have spoken to you about it many times, but it is important for you to hear it one more time, so it is fresh on your mind as you take the step in giving yourself so fully to me.

Being collared to Me, is as deep if not deeper then being married.

It is not something either of us should enter into lightly. It is not something you do today and dissolve tomorrow. Ideally it should last for the rest of your life, this being my collared slave and devoted pet. The collar I will place around your neck is like a wedding ring. An outward sign of an inward decision and need to belong to me. Something that will be visible for all to see and proclaims loudly that you are my slave. You should wear it with great pride, for I do not offer my collar lightly and you have worked very hard to earn this very special privilege.

It means I have taken you into my heart, have found that I care greatly about you as a Mistress should for her slave. It means that I have found you extraordinaire and have noticed that you have always gone above and beyond what I may have requested and expected of you. A sweet little treasure I desire to have as mine for as long as we may live.

Unlike a wedding ring which can be easily slid off when you wish to hide your belonging, the collar is not easily removed. As you will kneel before me and I will place this special symbol of your slavery to me around your neck, I will attach a lock to it which will keep it in place unless I remove it.

I, and I alone will have the keys to the lock and I and only I will be able to remove it for you. Let that sink in for a moment and realize that no matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter who you might come in contact in, as long as that collar is around your neck, they will see in a very visual way that you no longer belong to yourself but to me instead.

There will be only 4 times that this collar will be removed by me:

1: When you have to work and then I will have you wear a Necklace with my Initials on it instead.
2: When you bath or shower, so the leather does not get wet. It gets taken off by me right before and put on immediately after.
3: If you should need medical attention ever and need to see a doctor because you are ill.
4: If you request to be released from your collar for good. Realize however that this is a decision which you’ll never be able to reverse.

Even in death you will sleep with that collar around you.

It is there to stay. Now I want you to kneel for the next 20 minutes facing the picture of me that you have on your worship altar where I always have you do your meditations and contemplate for the last time if you are truly ready to take this last and final step in your slavery to me.

I will come to collect you at the end of that time. Unless you have changed your mind be ready to crawl behind me into the Ceremony room.
Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

A Submissive Will Sense Power

Good Boy

Power, A sub Will Feel It!

A submissive will sense the raw personal inner power of the Dominant and react naturally to it. The reaction of course will depend on the type of submissive and what level of training and experience the submissive may already have. Any other Dominance in the same room will notice as well and react naturally to it as well.

There is a certain way a Lady of Power carries herself.

The way she walks into a room that exudes confidence and the knowledge of her self that comes from a deep inner core. That type of Power and confidence can not be taught, but must be inborn or develop naturally from within. She knows what she is worth without necessarily have an attitude of entitlement about her, but never even questions that she will have what she desires and that it is her right to claim it from a willing partner. Consent is a beautiful thing indeed.

Once contact is made and it is the right pairing so to speak.

There is a delicious natural tension between the D and the s. An unspoken sensual charge that is in the air and flows over your entire body and into the senses.

The deep desire of the submissive to want to kneel and please the Goddess standing before him. The sensual energies that fire up the hidden desires is so strong that you could almost cut it with a knife. For the discerning Lady and one of experience she would easily note the change in your breathing, the change in your tone of voice as you speak to her, the dilation of your pupils. All outward signs of your instant arousal and interest. As I so often say, your cock is rather unimportant since you do give off so many other beautiful signs that you can hardly contain yourself.

Naturally a series of tests will begin.

Oh yes, dear, a Mistress will automatically test the potential sub before her and it can be done at any time and in any place in very subtle ways that are invisible in the intend and meaning to those around you.

You can tell so much about a person and if they are truly submissive at the core or just playing the role of a submissive when their interest and sexual needs are sparked during some of those easy tests.

A natural submissive has unconscious and very instinctual reactions which happen instantly, while someone who is simply playing the role of a submissive will have a slight hesitation or requires to be told what to do.

The truly deep seated need to be of use to the Mistress before him coupled with his natural tendencies to wish to be of service and to be pleasing in all things to her, will have the good boy act in a submissive way without thought. That is why it is often made clear by highly experienced Mistresses that most true at the core submissive males are Gentlemen as well. They depict a lot of the old fashioned and traditional manners and behaviors towards Ladies and wouldn’t have it any other way.

If this has sparked your curiosity and you would like to know more, then be a good boy now. Add funds to your account for an at least 20 minute call and pick up the phone to speak to me. It’s time you gained a little more understanding and of course have the privilege of kneeling at my virtual feet

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

I Do Enjoy Toying With You

Personal Assistant

I Do Enjoy Toying With You.

How does it feel to be so completely enthralled by me, that you can no longer think of anything else?

You literally beg for my attention every chance you get, spend endless hours in the day thinking up new and creative ways of pleasing me, just for the hope of being noticed and given a smile by me? Never knowing if I’d give you the time of day, or just look right past you.

I had warned you when you first met me.

I am addictive and hard to get out of your head. That I wouldn’t just get into your brain, but under your skin, with very little effort on my part at all. I told you, that everything about me would become branded on your very being. I was fair and warned you, but you didn’t listen to what I said. Now you are living that truth.

Our meeting was a rather innocent one too, as casual meetings go. You were interviewing for the personal Assistant job at my house. It was almost comical the way you couldn’t stop staring at me as I sat dressed in my high heels, stockings, gray business skirt, and silk button down blouse. I had just gotten done with a meeting, and I know I radiated power.

You fell right then and there.

It was easy to see that you were powerless in the presence of a strong woman. You were interviewed and I decided to give you the job, but as you walked out the door being told you would start the following day, I whispered that warning into you ears. I knew then and there, that you were dreaming of being more then what I hired you to be.

Don’t think I didn’t notice the extra time you take when washing my clothes, especially my delicates. The way you shyly look at me each time I come into the room, or the flowers you have put on my desk each day. Not to mention the way you have to adjust yourself whenever I smile at you.

I have to say, I do enjoy toying with you a little here and there. I wonder what would happen if I allowed you to please me in other ways.  Maybe I’ll start by letting you kneel before me and help me to put on my ankle strapped high heels. Maybe I’ll allow you to give me a massage, knowing what it will do to you.

I wonder how long it would take before you lose your control to me entirely. Such a delicious thought. I don’t mind admitting that I have spend some time thinking about all the wicked little things I could do to you.

I noticed how flustered you were the other day, when you found my play bag with the rope, the cuffs, and collar in it the other day. What went through your mind when you noticed the hood and gag in it. I am guessing you might have dug a little deeper, because you couldn’t even look me in the eyes after.

I bet, you were thinking of all the naughty things your Boss Lady could do to you…

Well who knows we’ll see.

Maybe we’ll expand your services for me in the future. You have been a very good boy so far.

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton
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Let’s Play a Game Together

Sensual Bingo
Let’s Play A Game

Let’s play a game together, You Want to Right?

I call it sensual domination Bingo. We both get to create 10 cards each, 16 Squares, with each square having our favorite sensual domination activities on it.

Once they are done, we are going to shuffle them up good, stick them in a box so there is no cheating.

We both pick 3 Cards each. Then, we are going to start pulling Bingo Balls out of a dark blue bag. Taking turns, pulling them. Each time a ball matches a number on a card, you put a dauber on it. Just like you would in regular Bingo.

Now in order for the card to win, it has to be completely covered. Basically we are playing a kinky version of Blackout Bingo.

The first card which is completely covered wins.

Whatever is all written on that card is what will happen. No reservations. We discussed hard limits before we got started, so it’s all good. No exceptions.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, that those cards are going to be in 3 different colors. Each color stands for something different.

Red cards stand for one of my good friends joining me in dominating you. No, you won’t know who that friend is… giggles. That is my choice and a surprise to you. Could be another woman, a Shemale, or a male friend of mine. Nervous yet?

Don’t worry I know your hard limits remember?

Green cards stand for a 3 hour time frame in which you will have to endure and enjoy  (I am sure) whatever is on that card. The time starts when the first activity begins. It ends at exactly 3 hours, which also means that if you haven’t been allowed to cum by then, you are going into 3 Weeks of chastity.

Isn’t it deliciously wicked?

Blue cards, mean that the game continues until a second card wins. In that case it is a 24 hour time frame. Both cards will come into play. Just think, 24 hours of non-stop sensual domination. You only get a break to eat something real quick and use the facilities if necessary, but otherwise….

You are MY TOY for 24 hours without stopping.

Now obviously you don’t want to play this game unless you have a full 24 hours available, just in case. Friday would be a good time.

I have so many delightful ideas of what I am going to add to my cards. I wonder if you can guess some of them. Oh that gives me another delicious game idea right there…

I could put an electric shock collar around your cock, and make you guess. See just how well you know Mistress by now. Each time you get something wrong, I am going to give you a small electrical zap. I bet that would teach you to pay better attention to what I say and do when I am conditioning you.

What do you think, pet, are you ready to play with Mistress?

Talk Soon Naughty One,
Miss Peyton

Sweet Little Plaything for Mistress


Sweet, oh yes, you are such a Sweet little plaything for Mistress!

Such an adorable darling pet. Kneeling there before me, trembling in desperate anticipation of what I may desire to do with you today. Just my presence, weakens you. The scent of my lovely intoxicating perfume drives you wild. The glimmer of my silky stockings stretched so tight over my shapely legs, makes you breathe just a little harder. The soft sway of my skirt as I turn and walk slowly around you to inspect what is mine, makes you almost swoon.

Everything about me, your beloved Mistress, makes you forget about what other people think you are. You know that mask you wear all day long at work? The mask that let’s them believe that you are such a strong man, a real alpha in your business, but here with me…

Well before me, I am the one in charge.

The Boss, who tells you what to do, in soft whispers, in sensual gestures, which simply makes you putty in my hands.

Best of all… You love it! You love how easily I can dominate you and manipulate you to do my bidding and to obey me with my soft voice, my sensual being, and my feminine wiles. You, my dear, never even stood a chance. Oh yes, I know just how a man like you needs to be treated, guided and controlled.

Not with threats, harsh words, or screamed comments. That only makes you stubborn and disobedient, but by sensually leading you just where I want you.

You love it! Giving into me is so very easy.

It’s natural for you to want to please me! I dare say it’s hard wired into you male being. To be worthy of the ONE who knows all your secrets, your fantasies, your needs, and who with a smile and a flick of her little finger will use all those delicious weaknesses against you.

Don’t worry so, my sweet little pet, it’ll be our little secret. You can still wear you mask for everyone else and pretend that you are this strong and indestructible male force to reckon with, as long as you just admit that you are nothing more then my little pet to toy with when it’s just the two of us.

I adore that I can make you shiver so easily and take your power from you by simply being myself. Running my finger nail down your naked skin, and watching you quiver, waiting, hoping, dreaming of what I may do and touch next.

Inhale deeply my pet, drink my scent in.

Let it slide into and over your mind, imprinting itself on you. You do know what once my scent, my essence is in your mind, you’ll never get me out of there. The moment you smell the perfume I am wearing right now, anywhere it won’t matter where, your mind will travel back to me. Right here, here now, with you kneeling devotedly at my feet. So sweet, so precious, so humble and so obedient.

Would you like me to tell you another secret? Of course you do, you can’t get enough of hearing my voice…
Talk Soon Naughty One,
Miss Peyton