Caught In the Shoe Closet

Here’s a little story brought you by one of my good boys… Enjoy!

I’m a construction contractor and was hired by a gorgeous woman to build her a front porch for her house, and that’s where my story begins. I had been working for a few days and had the footers and frame constructed, she had mentioned how pleased she was with the progress I was making…and

I couldn’t take my mind off her legs and feet.

Anytime she would come out and check on the work progress I couldn’t help myself from admiring her gorgeous toes in her shoes. Sometimes she would be wearing heels, other times sneakers, sometimes her feet would be bare. Intoxicating to think about. She had mentioned she was going to be leaving for a bit and that if I needed anything, bathroom or water, that I should help myself.

Shortly after she departed I went inside her house to use the toilet…and I found my way into her bedroom and into her closet.

She had so many different pairs of shoes:

heels, flats, tennis shoes in all different colors. I couldn’t help myself and picked up a pair of pink heels to sniff. They smelled wonderful. I was so distracted I didn’t hear her come back inside and close me into her closet, locking the door. I was cornered, locked in, and holding a client’s shoes in my hand sniffing them. Stumbling and stammering over my words I tried telling her that I took a wrong turn on the way to her bathroom, I was getting a bit desperate–would she call the police? Would she kick me out of her house? Would she do all of these things AND write a yelp review about while I’m a very good contractor that I take breaks to sniff shoes? What would happen to my business in the long term?

She told me through the door to do exactly as she said, she told me to get on my knees. I obeyed immediately, not knowing what she was going to do. She opened the door, I saw her gorgeous feet in a pair of strappy heels. She had a stern look on her face. She made a statement about how much I must love feet, followed by explaining that she was going to be hosting a party and that the porch must be completed. Then she asked if I had anything that I needed to get out of my system so that I could get back to work on the porch? I couldn’t believe my ears. She wasn’t furious, just stern, expectant. I nodded to her and said that I thought her feet were lovely and couldn’t help thinking about them.

She laughed at me, realizing my predicament.

She sat in her chair and ordered me to crawl over and to remain kneeling at her feet. Not knowing yet what to expect as she toyed with me I crawled to her feet. She ordered me kiss her toes and to remove her shoes for her, my heart was racing I was so excited. I did as I was told and kissed her toes and slid her feet out of her heels. She asked if I was enjoying myself? Of course I was! “Lick them and suck them.” Was her simple order. I held her feet in my hands, rubbing my thumbs into the balls of her feet and suck-kissing each of her lovely toes. I couldn’t believe my luck! My cock was rock hard in my pants as I worshiped her gorgeous feet! I kept sucking each of her toes, one at a time and rubbing the soles of her feet with my thumbs.

She ordered me to pull my pants down.

I immediately obeyed her and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants pulling them and my boxer shorts down. She ordered me to jack off for her. I started stroking for her. She ordered me to “cum in your other hand”. Jacking off for her and being so horny from worshiping her feet I came fast. My hips bucking as I came in my own hand. I looked up at her. She looked down at me and asked “is that what you needed?” I nodded “yes”. Then she said “good, now pull up your pants, wash your hand, and go finish the damn porch; next time you get these urges I’m going to paddle your balls with the sole of one of my heels!”

…..Imagine if it where you!  Wow Right??

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