Darlin Jessica

Oh He/She (Darlin Jessica)  Has A Dream alright, and by who I mean the man who sometimes calls himself Josh and others refers to himself as James. Let’s just get to the cold hard facts Josh/James resides in Bettendorf, Iowa he’s into bondage and blackmail.

Among a few other kinks he likes to dress in black tights, has a thing for horridly stinky feet. Not just any stinky feet, did I mention that he has a dream?  Sissy

LOL one of his goals is to be transformed into a Sissy Fag he would like to live as a sissy fag and to worship a man’s putrid feet. Not only would he enjoy servicing those sweated up nasty feet, he’d love to gobble down his massive load. Now remember he wants to do all these things whilst he’s being a sissy fag.

Josh/James was lucky enough to have found Mistress. Problem here is he made the mistake of doubting me. Ha!

You see I gave him a couple assignments, simple easy ones to do. I told him to journal for me, I then told him to remove his body hair so that we could begin his journey into becoming a could little sissy fag.

Well then there was the part where I explained how I’d be striping his manhood away little by little when he told me he’d always dreamed of something like this but most are just role play.

Here we are.. Josh/James is no longer allowed to respond when called by either name.. oh no! You see that sissy fag has been re-named to Jessica.

The only time Darlin Jessica will be allowed to enjoy any type of relief is when she’s completed all her tasks as I’ve assigned them. I’m posting all her photos up here for you to see her work in progress. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

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