Dirty Writing/Peyton’s Property

I roll over onto my side and feel something firm press against my cheek. As I reach up to rub my eyes, my hand slides along the foreign object extending away from my face. My eyelids open and a blurry black shape lays on the bed, poking me in the face. My vision sharpens, and I focus on the 10 inch dildo pointing right at the side of my mouth.    Toys 4 Fun
A flash of deja vu sweeps over me briefly, but confusion sets in. I sit up and survey my surroundings with growing uncertainty. What happened last night at the party? And here, more importantly?
My bed sheets are rumpled underneath me and an assortment of sex and fetish toys. I register several various-sized leather cuffs with open padlocks hanging off of their buckles. A gag harness sat nearby, but looked different than the ball gags one commonly saw. It had a wide metal ring instead of a ball, and what looked like a stubby dildo with clasps on it. Looking more closely, it seems the dildo fits through the ring and snaps in place.
Peyton's PropertyI pull the short phallus out and sniff it briefly, taking in the rubber aroma. I surprise myself by giving it a tentative lick, and the taste brings on another flerring wave of memory. A denigrating, feminine laugh echos from my mind, and a chill runs through me as I suddenly feel very weak and exposed.
I notice my chest hair and face are slightly crusty and sticky, like starch or soda had spilled on me. Just another reason to get a shower after last night.
Looking back to the bed, I see an empty bottle of lube sitting with its cap open. I quickly reach over to stop it from continuing to spill, but realize it’s not slick underneath. In my new position, I notice a dull throb emanate from my asshole. I reach back and feel something pushing my cheeks apart, something solid and filling. I groan when I realize my ass has been plugged. As I move to get up and over to the bathroom, I notice a videotape lying at the foot of my bed.
I pick it up to look at it more closely (as if I could read the contents with my eyes). The label just said “Play Me”. Looking back down, I noticed a leather collar sitting where the tape had sat. It had a metal tag label on it, reading “Peyton’s Property”. My cock stiffened slightly upon reading the tag, and something stirred inside me. I briefly tangled with deciding between removing the butt plug or playing the tape first, and a strange compulsion drove me to the vcr.
I started up the machine and put in the tape, my attention divided between the screen and the pressure in my backside. I decide against sitting on my couch while in my current level of filth, or sitting in general until I get this plug out of me. Kneeling in front of the screen, I watch as the screen flickers to life…
On the television, I see myself laying on the bed looking at something behind the camera while the frame makes minor adjustments. I am lazily grinning at whoever is setting up the shot; my facial expression seems off. Am I drugged? It would explain the blackout…
A sexy woman walks out from behind the camera and towards my on-screen self. Dressed in a low cut black tank top, short, hip hugging black shorts and black leather, knee-high 3-inch heeled boots. She has an apprehensive look on her face as she crosses her arms and looks me up and down.
“Look Mike, I was definitely into you at the party, and was really thinking of blowing you in one of the bedrooms upstairs. You turned that down to bring me home for something ‘more fun’, and since you seemed like a pretty chill dude, I was up for that too. But then you get me up here and show me your ‘goody bag’ of toys and tell me you want me to use them on you, and I’m not so sure anymore”
She picks up a duffel bag from behind the bed and drops it at my feet. A bunch of restraints, harnesses, dildos and floggers starts to spill out of the bag onto the mattress. “Those aren’t mine!” I say to the screen, trying to convince the woman judging me last night. “Where did those come from” I wondered, “and who is this girl that I’m with?”
My onscreen self still wears the same grin, watching the woman pick through the bag in front of me.
“I just don’t know about all this” the woman says as she holds up a dildo connected to a bunch of straps. “I am not sure I even know how to use any of this stuff, and I don’t think I would have much fun with it. But you are really excited for me to use this stuff on you, aren’t you?”
I nod onscreen, and I watch dumbstruck as I say “Yes I do.” I’ve never been into that scene before, what is going on!
“Really, this is what gets you off?” she persists
“Uh huh, this is what gets me off.”
“Like, you want me to abuse and humilate you? Be a dominatrix, a mistress or somthing?
“uh huh”
“I just don’t know about that, seems like a lot of work. What is in it for me? My clothes are staying on around you, so don’t think you’ll be doing me any favors down below”
I stare blankly from the bed, then fish out my wallet and start looking for money.
“I’m not a hooker, you asshole! You can’t just give me money to get you off!” The woman shouts as I clumsily drop the contents of my pocket on the sheets next to me. “Although, that credit card gives me an idea”
She picks up my card from next to me and I caress her arm with my hand. She swats it away, barking “no, stay!” then walks to the edge of the frame, where my computer is set up. She bends over in front of the keyboard and starts typing.
“I’ve been eyeing a new pair of heels online, but they are a bit out of my price range. Let’s see if $500 footwear fit your pervert budget…”
I see myself looking in the direction of the offscreen voice, my eyes looking at the beautiful woman using my card. I lean closer to the tv, and realize I’m not checking out her ass, which is on display, but her feet. “What is wrong with me?” I ask as the video plays out. “Am I picking up on whatever she says to me?” Another dull throb from my ass seems to answer the question.
“And it looks like you can afford to keep my feet happy. Well this isn’t a complete waste after all!” The woman exclaims as she turns around and re-enters the side of the frame. She notices me staring at her feet and lets out a derisive snort. “of course you have a thing for feet, why the hell not? You want to lick my boots now?”
“I want to lick your boots now” I say to her, my eyes never leaving her heels.
“Jesus Christ” she sighs. “alright, here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to take your clothes off, because I am curious if your good looking enough to have been interested in. Then we’ll see if you get to be my bitch”
I watch as I strip onscreen, dropping my clothes next to the bed in a messy pile. I stand up naked in front of my guest, toned and muscled, chest covered in hair but things much more trimmed around my 6″ erection.
“Well, that wouldn’t have been too much of a challenge” she laughs. She sits down in the office chair next to the desk and turns towards me. “Alright then, get on your knees and beg to lick my boots. Say “please Miss Peyton, may I lick your boots’ over and over”.
Peyton! That is familiar! I do remember talking to a girl at the party named Peyton. One of those “out of my league, but I have to try” type of girls. This is not the night I had envisioned when I first saw her. Why didn’t I take the BJ? Must have been something I drank…
Onscreen, I drop to my knees and put my hands together in front of me, and start to drone “please Miss Peyton, may I lick your boots” over and over.
Peyton laughs and says “alright bitch, get to it then” and sticks out a boot clad foot.
I lick, kiss and suck ever square inch below her ankle as she moves her foot around to ensure I cover everything. She stretches out her other boot for me to work over once the first is done. I start to lazily jack myself off while licking her soles, bringing another laugh from Peyton.
“Ha ha ha ha, playing with yourself while sucking on my heel? Freud probably has something to say about that. Let’s test it out” and she stands up and walks over to the bag. Picking up a (familiar looking) 10 inch dildo and what looks like a set of strappy leather underwear, she assembles a strapon and hooks it up over her shorts. A few hip thrusts cause the rubber cock to bounce menacingly in my direction, but it remains firmly planted to the front of her hips.
“Ok bitch, crawl over here and give the BJ you were supposed to receive”  black dildo
I crawl on my hands and knees to the foot of the bed, and bring my face up to her crotch. My mouth sucks in the first 4 inches of the dildo, and the recording catches some messy slurpy sounds as my head moves back and forth in front of her.
“Keep your eyes open and look up at me whore, take in what’s happening”
Watching the screen in a mix of horror and amazement, I try to process what I am seeing. “What is making me do this? Why am I sucking on a dildo?” I am further shocked when I notice my growing erection. “Do I actually get off on this? It looks like I was last night…”
“Gag yourself on my cock, show me you want it bitch”
Amazed, I watch myself push further down the large dildo. 6 inches must be crammed into my mouth, and the noises coming from around it seem strained.
Peyton pushes me back. “You call that gagging? I can show you what gagging really is, you little cockslut. Beg me to fuck your throat first”
“Please Miss Peyton, fuck my throat”
“Since you asked so nicely…” Peyton roughly grabs my hair and pulls my mouth over her head and down her shaft. Gripping the back of my head, she pushes my lips down to the leather harness at the base of the dick. “Take it you slut, take it and like it!” Peyton shouts as she starts bucking her hips, fucking my face.
Coughing and sputtering come from around the dildo, but I remain kneeling and let her hold my head, using it to jerk off her enormous dick. My face reddens as I endure a few minutes of her rough treatment, my own dick still standing at attention while my throat is brutalized.
Eventually, Peyton stops and shoves me back, laughing as she does. “Some stud you turned out to be” as she takes in my kneeling, coughing and drooling form. “What kind of man gets turned on by swallowing a rubber cock? Probably the same kind that would take it up the ass”
She sorts through the bag of toys and pulls out a bottle of lube. “Already opened, hmmm? Looks like I’m probably right then. Bend over the side of the bed and spread your cheeks for me”
I crawl over to the edge of the bed and pull myself up on the edge, laying the top half of my body facedown on the mattress and spreading my legs apart. Peyton squeezes some lube onto her fingers and thrusts them into my ass.
“Not much resistance, no big surprise. You want me to fuck you in the ass, don’t you?”
“I want you to fuck me in the ass, Miss Peyton” is my reply.
“Is this what you wanted me to do to you the moment you saw me at the party?”
“Yes Miss Peyton, this is what I wanted the moment I saw you”
“What a pathetic piece of shit man you are” Peyton says as she pushes the dildo into my lubed up hole. Grabbing my hips, she pushes the entire length into me in one steady move. Pulling back out nearly all the way, she then reverses and pushes all the way back in. Slowly pistoning my ass, she loosens me up, then starts to pick up speed. The sound of her thighs slapping into my ass cheeks is met with a brief, sharp exhale from me each time she thrusts in. Peyton starts slapping the side of my ass casually, then harder, leaving pink hand prints on my cheeks.
“You’re really not a man are you? Just a whimpering bitch from the looks of things. Tell me what you are”
“I’m a whimpering bitch Miss Peyton”
Maybe you want more cock in your mouth? Or do you want it in your ass? Maybe both, you cock-hungry slut?”
“I want both because I am a cock hungry slut, Miss Peyton”
Peyton pulls out and fishes through the bag, finding a ring-gag with a stubby cock clasped to it. She walkes back over to me and grabs the hair on the back of my head, pulling me up onto my hands. She pulls the harness over the front of my face and the cocklette settles into my open mouth. She works the clasps on the back of the gag, securing it. Once I’m gagged, she pulls me further up then spins me around so I am facing her. She spits in my face then pushes me backwards, knocking me face up onto the bed.
“Grab you knees and let me in you slut”
I obediently pull my legs up and back, holding my knees and exposing my ass at the end of the bed. Peyton slides her cock back into my asshole, then grabs my thighs and starts pumping in and out of my fuckhole. She tears into me physcally and verbally, letting me know what a pathetic slut I am for getting my ass reemed out, not being able to please women with my sorry excuse for a dick, getting so turned on by being used like a whore.
“I bet you even like the taste of cum, don’t you. Nod if you do, bitch”
I nod at her, confirming her accusation.
“Good, because you’ve been leaking from your cock this entire fuck” and with that, she swipes up some pre-cum from the tip of my dick and leans forward. She unclasps the dick-gag from the harness, and sicks her finger into my opened mouth. “Lick it clean, cumslut”
“In fact, start jerking your dick off, and try to hit your mouth. You’re going to cum while I pound you in the ass, like the good slut you are”
My hands furiously work up and down my dick as Peyton jackhammers my gaping asshole. I start moaning loudly through the open ring gag as rope after rope of jizz shoots out of my dick, landing on my face, chest, and into my open mouth, as Peyton’s laughs provide harsh, castrating background music. My head slumps to the side; evidently I had passed out from the experience. Peyton walks over to the camera and the screen goes momentarily blank.
The screen refocuses on Peyton’s face as she looks right at the camera.
“So did you like the show? I bet it got you hard just watching what you bribed me to do last night. Even if you didn’t, I don’t care, because you’ll learn to like it. This isn’t the only copy of this tape, I have another, and I would get such a kick out of exposing you as a pervert to all your friends and family.”
“If you want to avoid that, then I need to know you are ready to serve me. I don’t want to have to drug you each time I need a new pair of shoes, I need to know you’ve already surrendered and are ready to accept being my new fuck-toy and piggy bank. I left some toys behind, in case you are ready to prove it to me. I am stopping by at 12pm today to assess your current level of submission. If I like what I see, your perversions stay behind closed doors, and I will use you privately going forward. If you refuse, then I will let everyone know what you really did with that hottie you took home last night. Leave your door unlocked if you value your social standing”
The video cuts out and I am left kneeling alone in my living room. Shit, what do I do? What the fuck do I do? I am so screwed, nobody will listen to my side if that tape gets leaked. They’ll be too busy laughing at me. But is it worth being her submissive? She’s nuts! But she is pretty hot, and my dick is still hard from watching the video. Wait, what time is it?
The clock on the VCR reads 11:55.
Shit shit shit SHIT! What do I do? Fuck! Just go with it, no time to formulate a defense or argument, damnit all.
I run over to the bedroom and look at the gear she left behind. There are two pairs of mismatched cuffs, with one small and one big. How do those work? The big cuffs are huge! I put them over my ankles, but they dwarf them. It dawns on me, and I pull them up further; they are thigh cuffs! And they have another cuff for my wrist attached to them! I strap them to my thighs quickly; 3 minutes to go. What else?
I put the dildo in the gag, then quickly strap it to my head. I remember the collar, and groan as I fasten it around my neck. Hopefully that tag is enough to convince her that I’m hers; I just wish it were bigger. 2 minutes left, what now?
As I start to put my wrist through the first cuff it hits me. I grab a permanent marker and run over to a mirror. Looking backwards, I focus everything I have on writing a message across my ass cheeks. Looking over my shoulder, I see it is all appropriately backwards in the reflection. Should be nice and legible enough, I hope.
I run over to the front door and unlock it, then get on my knees and put my wrists in the cuffs attached to my thighs. Locking everything in place, I lean forward and put my face to the floor. I hope this truss-job works…
Kneeling, collared, with my face down and my plugged ass up facing the door, my cheeks proudly read “Broken by Peyton” as the doorknob starts to turn….NF1