Do You Set New Year Resolutions?


I’ve often wondered about Resolutions.

Do you set New Year Resolutions? I mean if you did, how long would they last anyway? Speaking for myself as a real human being I can honestly say that I may stick to one for about six or eight weeks. Unless…

We as people work with the reward system. By the same token we need to think should we not perform to standard there will be punishment. Am I right?

You as a sub also work with the idea that should you work within a certain set of standards you are going to be rewarded or you will be treated a specific type of way. Agree?

It all boils down to a couple of basic human desires cause and effect or is it affect. And no I’m not searching for the proper use or word here. I’m looking for you to put yourself in the proper place. What one are you. Are you looking for the Big Boom, or ripple in the pond.

My question carries weight. Evaluate yourself prior to popping off an answer. Either answer is fine. I’m not here to judge you lest you ask me to.

For those who know me you know what I do best, for those of you who are just joining me. Nice to meet you.
Talk Soon,
Miss Peyton