Financial Cause and Consequence Tuition

Blackmail is such an ugly word really and not to mention illegal, so I really
don’t stoop to such shall we say extreme measures to get things done my way.
Instead I see it more like charging you premium prices for teaching you all
about cause and consequences. Let’s call it a Financial Cause and
Consequence Tuition shall we?Financial

See here is the reality of the thing and one I dare say that is hard to dispute
even by you. You always have a choice in the end. You can choose to do as you are told, make the payments, do the dirty deeds I order in order for me to keep your dirty little secrets, or you can take the consequence of everyone depending
out just how low you can sink at times.

Along that extremely logical way of thinking of course also goes the reason why you always seem to get yourself into those tough decision making spots
to begin with my dear! Remember that without you making the choice of spilling all those nasty beans, giving me all those dirty details, or *gasps in mock horror* shared
those filthy adventures proof and all with me, because you just needed to
spice your otherwise boring sex life up a little, I wouldn’t be in the position
now to shall we say apply some consequential conditioning to you.

Oh in the end you always have the choice to see what happens and if I’ll really
do what I claim will happen, but just remember you are taking a high risk
here that the consequence for your foolish disobedience might come a lot
higher and more devastating than just paying the Financial cause and
consequence tuition fee I have leveraged against you. See?  You’ll find nothing illegal about that! I am just providing you with some necessary education in how things work in the real world…

*wicked grin*

Talk Soon!

Miss Peyton

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