First Time For Everything

Everyone has to start some where.  As we all know there is always a first time for everything.  Today I had the pleasure of a first time with a timid boy who wasn’t sure he wanted to experience anal play but after some discussion he did, and was glad he tried it.   First time For Everything

His first time was special for him because he had fantasized about being with a Mistress, and having her teach him the ropes.  He wanted her to guide him through the entire process.

The greatest turn on for me is knowing that he was a nervous boy, I could hear it in his voice, with everything he had told me I could actually hear his voice shake when described to me what it was he wanted to do.  That for me was something that I believe took great courage.

I believe in personal growth and completing the task you set out to do.  I also believe in being the best you can be in all things you do.  When you are asked to complete certain tasks I expect you to do them to the best of your ability.  Nothing more or nothing less.

I’ll be here when you are ready to share that perversion.  Or let go of a habit you’ve kept hidden from the world.  I’ll be here to collect those sins you keep buried from the wife and girlfriend.

When you decide to free yourself, I’m taking it all and serving it all back at you.  Giving you a twisted taste of what fuels you turning you into mine to be kept.

Until then, we will talk soon.

Mistress Peyton

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  1. Great story about first time experiences, Mistress…i hope to share many with You!

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