Go Deeper

Are you afraid of going deeper with me?

I’m always going to take a look inside the darkest places of your mind.  Here’s your going to find a list of Goodie Bags, PTV Mailers and Game’s I’ve put together that allow me to do what I do best… manipulate and tease you in the way I do best.

First it may seem harmless and then before you notice what’s happen I’m under your skin and you begin to think about something I’ve said at the most in opportune time..  don’t believe me?  You’ll see..   Be sure to check my NF page often to see what  I’ve been up to.  Happy Hunting!

The Interrogation
Imagine being held accountable for EVERYTHING.

Interrogated And Owned

Interrogation Finale
Do you dare to take another step closer?

I’ve found images that will convey how the power exchange makes me feel. Be my Good Boy and see for yourself.

It’s story time! Sexy little story about a hot foot job.

Written Task for those of you who like me inside your head. Do You Dare?


A lot Can happen in a pair of panties..

Candid Question Game Part 1

Candid Question Game Part 2

Wanna Get Personal?

The Tease Consumes You

69 Question Game

Slippery When Wet

Blackmail Tease Buy Now

Blackmail Orientation Buy Now

Blackmail Contract Buy Now

Sissy Assessment Buy Now

Take Down Video Buy Now

Hypo/Mind Over Matter Buy Now

Cum Tax $15 Buy Now

  “Thank Mistress” Buy Now

Tribute Mistress Buy Now

You Know Me… I Can and will give you Just Enough Blackmail Bait to Hang Yourself.

There Are Always Those of You Looking For A New Way to Serve Me.. I give you The Perfect Opportunity To Do what You Can here. I mean If you have What it takes.

Did You Touch With Out Permission? It’s Time To Take Care Of Business With Mistress Peyton NOW!

Been Looking for Ways to Thank Me and Just Cant Quite Find the Words? Let me Help You.

Cock Stroking Instruction Given Only the Way I can For You.

Blackmail Intro From Me to You

Do You Dare? Blackmail Contract

Blackmail Question Set I

Intro To Hypnosis With Mistress Peyton

Foot Job Playtime

Tit Fucking

Be My Dirty Boy

Dirty Boy II

Dirty Boy III

Brainwashed to Stutter

Caught With Tranny Porn

Cleavage Cam Relaxation

Give Me 10

Interrogation (Invasion of Privacy) I

Interrogation (Invasion of Privacy) II

Interrogation (Invasion of Privacy) III

Interrogation (Invasion of Privacy) 3.1 Finale

Imagine you are my pet and I’m teaching you a lesson in what it’s like to turn me on. I offer you a glimpse into my naughty thoughts… however you must perform a task in order to hear the ending.

Bound and Teased
Imagine being helpless while all your weakness are being used against you. Care to share what those are? I give you the opportunity to share in more ways then one.

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