Time With Mistress

It’s been brought to my attention that many of you would like to see if we are compatible via Skype, KIK, Or Instant Msg.  I’m offering you Time With Mistress to ask me what ever you want via skype.  This DOES not mean you see me or I perform for you, you can however hear my voice if you choose..  10 Mins Only!
Skype ID Upon Payment
If you happen to purchase this little block of time and I am not online either here, NF, Or Skype you can arrange a time with me.
Thank Me for Giving you such a great Opportunity!
Tributes Via GiftRocket Or Via Amazon Gift Card or Amazon Allowence via PeytonWillBreakYou At Yahoo Dot Com
Call Peyton Will Break You for phone sex on Niteflirt.com


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5 thoughts on “Time With Mistress

  1. Hi enticing website! I couldn’t figure out how to get the “Time With Mistress”. I’m interested in an online and offline Mistress. But couldn’t quite figure it out. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. I feel like I already know you and I need you now like a junkie tasting junk when he’s out. If circumstances could be different and I could be present in mind body and soul my use would be much greater for you mistress…

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