His first Task

My First Task…

I did just as you said and it was strange to realize that I was doing this voluntarily. But man, was I turned on. Knowing that I was being controlled by you added a little extra sensation to my strokes. I really don’t know how I stopped from releasing onto the floor during my 5 stroking sessions. I felt like I had run down the street and back. I was sweating a little bit, too.     the task

I have to go away overnight tomorrow night but I will be back Saturday morning. Fortunately, nobody is going to see my underwear.

Thank You For My First Task

Mistress Peyton

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2 thoughts on “His first Task

  1. Yes, i feel soo submissive. i have been submissive for so long, that it pains me.. i need a mistress to dominate me.. this web site make me feel REAL slutty.

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