Hot And Sexy Humiliation

Humiliation has many forms, it depends on the person who’s asked for it and the type of degrading they want to surrender themselves to. When in the proper context nothing can be more arousing, and if you ask me.. it’s down right hot and sexy!

Recently I found out from one sub in particular that he feels the most humiliation from the little things I have him endure.As I said nothing is more of a turn on, and I do find it very hot and sexy too. Especially knowing that I’ve not really tried to cause him discomfort in a specific way.

For some of you Humiliation requires the grande scheme of things, but here’s my thoughts on it. If you are already submitting yourself you should let Mistress decide how degrading your time will be. If it will be the little things or the greatest of all things to take you Humiliationdown deep.
Oh trust me when I say  I can be dark, I can have you in tears if you so choose, I just found it very interesting when a sub opens up and shares its the smallest of things I put him through that cause him the greatest of shame.

I’ve told you time and again that sexual situations begin and end with your mind. Once you’ve allowed me in that space nothing should be off limits great or small. Something for you to think about, think about the little thing that keep you exactly where you want to be. And then think back to the last time I unleashed on you. Off hand I can think of a few of you who’ve had me unleash who later called asking me not to carry through with certain wishes. You know exactly who you are.

Either way I believe however you crave the humiliation served up to you it’s an extraordinary experience because you’ve put all of who you are in my hands and you need me to take from you.

I hope I’ve given you a little something to think about, perhaps the last time you gave yourself to me or maybe it’s the way you want to learn to give. As long as you are thinking I believe we’re making progress.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

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  1. You know just what to say to me Mistress that leaves me in a wet mess. You own every part of me.

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