Hypno Blackmail

As many of you know I have a slave that can’t get enough of Mistress Peyton’s style of Domination.  Our relationship spans across nearly two full years.  Hypno Blackmail

Recently we had the discussion of Hypno Blackmail, I paused for a moment when he first brought up the topic due to the weight both instances can carry.

And then the light bulb went off in my head and I thought to myself well if he’s asking then WHY NOT.  Let’s give this a go.  While I’ve always been skeptical of whether or not a person can really go under into hypnosis I do know that subspace is real.

After much discussion and research on my part the day finally arrived that I had my slave right where I wanted him.  What happen next was truly amazing.

Slave arranged for a rather lengthy call with me so that we could try his little experiment.  It began with a relaxation and focus exercise and to my astonishment within a short while I had him in a Hypno-Sub-space like nothing I’ve ever witnessed.

While I had slave in this precarious state I implemented my will on his thoughts, body and heart.  His entire nature was changing before my eyes so to speak and being that I had him in this state I figured why not exploit his darkest desires.  Although I’d like to share those with you I am strictly confidential with matters such as these.  What I will share with you is the explosion I granted him in the end was like nothing he’s experienced in his lifetime.

Well boy whores.. that’s about all I have for today’s entry.  Be well and be good if you must.  Otherwise I’m always open to filthy confessions.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,

Mistress Peyton


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