Innocents Lost

Innocents LostAs young adults we get this idea in our head of what is expected of us vs. who we really are. I’m here to tell you that if you have decided to take the road most traveled you are most likely being suffocated by your own hand,

In life we want nothing more then to make those we love proud of us. Hell we go to colleges we hate, marry people who are all wrong for us and 9 times out of 10 we live life based on lies.

Once upon a time I had the great debate with a confused soul.. he told me there was only black and white.. nothing skewed.. no in between. I wouldn’t be a good Mistress had I not done my best to explain life with great success between the lines.

No two people feel the same way about any one thing. What I mean is, what creates desire in you.. may never cause me to want or need way you do. Our wants and needs define us in and out of the bedroom.  If you’ve allowed yourself to experience sub space you’ll never forget the moment you found peace, one real moment when you knew what would define you for always.

Imagine time and again that you only had Vanilla everything.. and then imagine again that you get a taste of the spice you long for. It’s in that moment that Innocents takes a back seat.

What we feel, what we think, how we respond to one another in our day to day is very much a part of the basic animal desire to feel alive, to really be alive… Innocents Lost is where we begin.
Nothing has to be so complicated…