Make Me Happy

Make Me HappyI know how important it is that each of you do what is asked of you, I also  understand that each of you find pleasure when given purpose and tasks as nothing could Make Me more Happy then to know you are following my direction when I ask of you one thing or the other.

We are going to have guest speakers on our Phone Sex Blog!  You are going to Make Me Happy  by doing your duty and following anyone you may not know and also by engaging these beautiful talented ladies with questions and also by being on your very best behavior.

I’m very excited about this new adventure we are taking and I know you will find something new and exciting with each new blog post that arrives.  As of now it may start off a little slow, but my hopes are that we will get someone new in addition to our own postings at least once at week.  This means you will be on your toes!

Stay tuned as our very 1st Guest will be in just a few short hours!!!

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,

Mistress Peyton


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