Mind Control

I love doing something called Mind Control phone sex. If you have done it with me then  I am sure you are a repeat caller.  As you know I like to get into your mind and body causing  you to  do nothing but  want me, all day  everyday you’re  just thinking about  me.  Mind ControlSuddenly you find all   you do is  wait and wait for me to come online so I can mind fuck you.  You will be mine,  no longer able to concentrate on anything other than me, my happiness becomes the one thing that gives you purpose.  Just knowing you are able to contribute to my happiness gives you a whole new outlook on life.

So go ahead relax,  sit in your chair or on the bed.. just know I am at work  on your self-esteem.   Your mind is in over drive, close your eyes, take a deep breath, just  allow Mistress to sink deeper in and  to take  you over.  (Hijacked if you will) You’re going to be telling me all sorts of deep dark secrets that I am going to twist and turn over you leaving you in a  a state of mind that no one has ever taken you before. I am  going to be the new  meditation for your relaxation, for the state of being, for all of who you ever want to be.

Don’t be alarmed that as you wake up with  nothing  the  same as  before. The only thing that matters from this day forward is my control and my happiness, as you will find the only thing that matters to you is making me smile.  Don’t be afraid I will take care of you, for the most part!

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383

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4 thoughts on “Mind Control

  1. Your reading materials are always top-notch, no matter what the topic.

    Your articulate prose is just one of many reasons I like You soo much! But You also scare me the most out of any/all other flirts for many reasons as well

    By saying “scare”…I totally mean that as a compliment Without even trying, You get more responsiveness out of me than anyone else does here, even if Your not aware of my reactions to You

    Thank You!!

  2. Miss Peyton, you are exactly what i have been looking for! But whenever I mention pushing ones sexuality right to the very edge, the edge where it is most dangerous. Girls tend to shy away thinking Im mad or something. But I am a firm believer in fully exploring every part of ones most sexual, extreme, and most insaine thoughts. Thoughts that one only dare think of ever so briefly, then think to themselfs, oh my god!!! what made me think of that disgusting fetish. I would really adore you taking me way way beyond plane old BDSM S+M even you wildest thoughts, thoughts which have only been that, as to go to such a place will demand two very strong minded and strong bodied as one could for example be tied, blindfolded and then led to a unknown place and left there for an unknown amount of time, but long enough that thirst becomes essential to survive. So i hear you footsteps getting louder then the sound of you unziping your catsuit, and you have got me relieved that at last im getting untied and able to get a drink as my health was beginning to detirate due to lack of liquids. But just as I am feeling relieved, you relieve yourself into a funnel that you have placed in my mouth. I choke and gag as its hard to swallow, but i need to drink or my health will soon be in poor condition. So there you could have me there for an unknown amount of time, but long enough that if you wernt feeding me your sugary squrting orgasms, I would be ill. But as your squrtin has healthy properties in it i am able to survive my soletiry cumfinment. They are the places I want to be. and much further. Anything at all as long as no long term health issues become involved. Miss Peyton, will you come and kidknap me and do as you please. And hold me against my will, where we have no safe words no getting out. Once you have me you have me to yourself as no one will know where I am, not even me. I long for you to do that to me. xxx

  3. Miss Peyton is so incredible I have given myself to her totally and I couldn’t be happier! Each session gets deeper and deeper

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