No Pain Required It’s All Sensual From Here


You Expected Pain?

You do know what a sensualist is right?  Oh I have to share this with you darlings. I have had the most amusing time the other day with someone completely new to being a sensualist. You do know what a sensualist is right?

A sensualist is a person who enjoys the various sensations that come with touch, various textiles, scent programming and the like. It’s all about sensual experiences and methodical teasing in that place of our BDSM World.

No pain required, but things might get a little tight and engorged if you know what I mean.

So this dear boy was brand spanking new to all of this.

I told him that I was going to test his endurance and threshold. We agreed to him being tight completely naked to my bed, and that I would use my hands, my finger nails, my lips, silk, fur and leather to play on his body. He even agreed to let me use my teeth.

I tied him up spread eagle. Making him completely vulnerable to me. I used a very soft cotton type of rope for that. Tight enough to hold him securely into place, but not so tight that he would accidentally come to harm. We all know that is important, right?

I put a silk blindfold over his eyes, making him feel rather then watch what I was about to do to him.

I began by using the palm of my hands to stroke all over his body, well besides the parts he really wanted me to touch. wicked grin.

Warming his flesh up and getting his breathing just a little elevated. Next I used my beautiful long finger nails, just the very tips, starting with a very light and teasing touch tracing along the skin, before turning it into a scratching.

You should have seen his reaction. It was glorious! Poor thing was already wiggling around as much as his ties would allow, and I had barely even got started.

I wanted to see how sensitive his nipples and neck were.

You know that both of those areas can be very sensitive, right? I leaned over and licked the side of his neck, bringing the blood to the surface as that is prone to do, and then nipped him with my teeth. He gasped, and groaned.

Oh yes, his cock was twitching too.

Next I licked and kissed my way to his nipples and bite / sucked on them, before using my fingers to pinch and roll them.

It’s always so much fun to make a man actually whimper and groan. He responded beautifully to all of that. Even tried to rock up, but of course being tight down he can only do so much. It must have been rather frustrating for him, but there is nothing more enticing then producing this sensual kind of sexual frustration in a toy. Don’t you agree?

Next I reached for the bit of silk I had set to the side. A pair of my favorite silk panties and began to run it all over his body. This time I even allowed him to feel it against his naked cock. Instant pre-cum, as I knew would happen.

With the other hand I reached for the piece of soft leather I wanted to use and so moving two very different textile clothe over his body simultaneously had him moaning in no time…

Now I know you want to hear what happened next, and I promise I’ll tell you, but you’ll have to call me for that and beg real nicely.
Talk Soon Naughty One-
Miss Peyton