Transformation Phone Sex



Transform yourself with Mistress Peyton!

Transformation Phone Sex can be anything you allow it to be with Mistress Peyton, but for most things I like to call it progress.  I like to have a goal in mind when we start something together so that we can visualize where it is we are moving to in our relationship.

A typical call with me can consist of questions I’ll ask of you, some are hard for you to answer because I ask you to be honest with yourself about the ideas you have if you are serious about the way you want to proceed with services I offer you.

What’s at risk?

Are you willing to put in time to do your best at your goal?  How serious are you at wanting to achieve the end result.

Once we’ve established all these things let’s talk about domination, and how you see yourself in that situation.  Is it a fetish for you or a lifestyle for you?  Let’s get all the tricky parts out of the way.

When we begin your Transformation  I want to have a clear idea of what it is you and I can expect from one another and I’ll help you get the end result.  The mind is a sexual organ I suggest it’s clear and ready to be manipulated.  The body is just the means to an end.  But trust me, the mind is where the fun is.

Talk Soon.

Mistress Peyton

Phone Sex — let’s do it!

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Let’s talk a little about that Space between us.  I like to toy with you play with you prey on you.  Build you up tear you down and before you know it time has passed and you find yourself in that wonderful place called Subspace.  Not to worry though, I’ll be there to care for you.  I’ll handle everything.  Shh, not to worry you can rest assure you’ll be safe with me.

A table for two with domination in mind is a special place for a sub to be. Take yourself for example being the pet of a beautiful Mistress who has given you her full attention for a few moments in time.subspace

Linger there for a moment with me. Drift between subspace and my place and you will never be the same again. It’s a subtle web that’s woven to keep you safe yet on edge.

I’ve set a table for two one with candles and the only place left to go is your limits. Do you have any? What did you come for, are you sure yet? Was it for some tease and denial, domination, humiliation, was it for me to turn those perversions against you?

Remember once you find your seat with me, it’s game on. I’m not a regular Mistress I expect you to follow through with everything you offer. So be a good boy and only bring good things to this table.
Mistress Peyton

Road Side Submission

Today I rec’d a call from a horny little slut named Bryce. He saw my listing while at work and couldn’t get me off his mind. Finally he gives in to his weakness and pulls over for a little Road Side Submission. He tells me, Mistress I am submissive and I’m scared to death.Roadside Sub

It was then I hear buttons being pushed on his phone, with that I ask him are you trying to hang up on me? His honesty got me, he said yes ma’am. I liked it. So I tell him I’ll just hang up on you instead boy. NO Mistress please I’m just scared. Again with the fear. YES!

Well, well well… I have myself a boy who’s scared, pulled off to the side of the road. What could be better then any of that? Just wait, seriously it gets better.

CBT, Anal play, Nipple Torture and Orgasm Denial, well you know… unless its done the way I WANT it done. Yes! This is what we did in the cab of his truck. Nine Long thick inches of ass rape is what he got! Among some serious ball busting and serious edging. I would say this was not exactly what Bryce thought he’d get himself into once he got on my line. He did get lots more then just an ordinary call.
For those of you who may not know me just yet, I’m the type of girl who gives you everything you ask for with a twist. So ALWAYS use caution when you say Mistress I want… *smirk* You will give me the best you have. Is that clear?
Talk soon naughty ones,
Mistress Peyton

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Cuckold Phone Sex

To be the slave of a woman, a beautiful woman whom I love, whom I worship.. who binds and whips me, treads me underfoot, while she gives herself to another. (Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, “Venus in Furs”)

Cuckold phone sex is an intense fantasy that allows you to experience everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. Together we can elevate the feeling of watching your   wife/girlfriend totally dominate you in a very personal way.   cuck

We can paint a mental image for you that will rock you to the core, and unlock all your submissive desires to give in and let yourself feel what you only used to fantasize about. The submissive male wants the female to own all of him. Cuckolding is such an intense mental domination that it takes you to a whole new subspace.

Want to know more about how I will break you? You can find me on Nite Flirt taking your perversions and using them against you.
Talk to You Soon.
Mistress Peyton

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Seductive Jenny

Seductive Jenny

I invited my good friend and fellow Niteflirt Domme to a do a guest post for my site. So without any further wait, I introduce you to Seductive Jenny’s words 🙂

Hi there! I’m Seductive Jenny of I have a certain saying “Only a Dominant Woman Knows What to do With you” to sexual curious and submissive boys, toys, cucks, slaves, sissies, and the likes. I love to be considered your sexual Therapy Queen and confidant.

Anonymous opening up of your most heart pumping insides can be most definitely be considered a form of therapy. Phone sex therapy is what it is to be called. THER-A-PY (noun): the treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means treatment to help a person get better IE: “he is currently in therapy.”

Your pumping masturbation fantasy might be lusting on the dirty ass of the girl working out in the gym or being pushed a little further into sucking cock by a dominant woman, it’s still phone sex therapy with me. Check out my list of fetish interests Here if you’re wondering about my excitement in your particular perversion.

In a career total of over 10,000 phonesex calls so far, there’s not a lot I haven’t heard for sure.. But there are plenty of you that I haven’t heard from and that makes all the difference and in that is the fun as your phonesex sensual and seductive therapist! Take a peek at my XXX visual blog here.

Let’s talk soon!


Call Seductive Jenny for phone sex on

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