A Little Caged Fun

8aa3fe9f53a1f8aa5bcdd4ff51baf541Jay and I had been together for a few months. He was perfect, sweet, attentive, gorgeous body. His upper body was simply delicious. I’m a complicated girl, and sometimes I like to play games. We were at a housewarming party for a friend and I told him to meet me in the upstairs bathroom for a surprise. We met there shortly, I pulled him close and started kissing him all over his mouth and neck, pressing my body to his. I felt him getting aroused and immediately stopped. I reached down and undid his pants and pulled them down, exposing him. I took a few steps away from him as he stood puzzled. I told him he would do something special for me. I reached into my purse and pulled out a cock cage and lock. His surprise was obvious, “put it on” I ordered. His penis locked away, I told him it was time to leave.

We reached my apartment and I kissed him a few more times on our way up. When we got in the apartment he tried kissing me again and I pushed him away, and instead led him into the bedroom. With a loving smile, I told him simply “take off all of your clothes and lay spread eagle on the bed”. He complied and I began to tie his wrists and then his ankles. He cooed a few times about how much he was into it. I reared my hand back and struck his balls directly. “It’s not about you, it’s about me.”

To Be Cont…

Mistress Peyton

Training A Sissy

Recently I had the opportunity to train Stu. He’s a good sissy slut for me. Little did he know that when he signed up for my training that we would expand upon his training two fold.Training A Sissy

See when I take you into my web and get you to the point of no return you agree to things you wouldn’t under most circumstances.

Stu has found himself agreeing to let me dress him in the most delicate of clothing and train him to sit like a well groomed lady and wait his turn. As he is most eager not just for my strap on, but most of all for a cock.

I’ve painted a naughty picture in his mind of what that could be like if he’d behave and wait his turn. Having him dressed as the most precious girl. Watching as Mistress teased her boy toy, listening to each thing that the boy toy begged for next. Just when the time was right, I’d allow Stu to become unbound, while said boy toy remained bound.

Oh can you see where this story could end, or begin for that matter? Training a sissy is just the beginning it actually IS two fold.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole

Pay very close attention.

You will suddenly feel the urge to submit and obey at all costs.

As You drift Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole.

Nothing you’ve ever felt before is quite like this. You must admit it to yourself.

The desire you feel, the urges that creep up long after our sessions. Each one are me. Each one presents you with a craving unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

The only thing you are sure of is you want and need more. Your cock pulses each time you think of me. You find yourself walking around with constant thoughts of nothing but me and the way I make you feel.

The way I make you feel is complete and utter helplessness. You are growing more and more addicted to what I offer you. The burning desire to submit is overwhelming. For you there is ONLY me. Just admit it. Let that sink in. Allow it to wash over you.

For you there is only one thing that will matter from here on out. The only thing that matters to you is our growing bond. Our bond is deeper, and deeper still. It feels good to you, it feels natural. It feels like the only thing that matters to you.

Deeper down the rabbit hole you go, into submission. Deeper down learning more and more about who you really are.
Talk Soon,
Mistress Peyton

Locked Cock For Corona Lock In


Let’s Lock Those Cock’s For Lock In

What better way to spend the Corona lock in than to be locked up in chastity for Mistress?

Given the current state of events you should welcome the opportunity to distract yourself.  One thing I know is your cock absolutely does most of the thinking for you.  I see no reason why we can’t keep you aching for more and more fun.

Think about it, you being locked up for the lock in is just another reason we can be extra naughty together.  I wonder what sort of ideas we could come up with?  Do you ever consider doing things but chicken out at the last minute?  Here’s the perfect solution for that problem.

I’ve yet to mention the best part.

Consider if you will exactly how much information I would be able to extract from you with a locked cock!  Oh my goodness!  Yes!

Let’s Lock Those Cocks for Corona Lock In! For those of you who can’t lock it up, there’s a lot to be said for mental chastity as well.  Think about it!

Talk Soon Naughty One-

Miss Peyton

For Fantasy Sake To Prove Your Devotion


Recently my subs where asked what they would be willing to do in order to prove their devotion to me. I’ve listed a story of one pet’s devotion.. enjoy!

The idea of having 24 hours to prove my devotion to You is exhilarating. I would imagine, like most Dominants, You’d want to test my limits. I’d like to have my limits tested as well. Could W/we spend 24 hours doing just that?

I like that the Domme in the picture is holding a riding crop. I’ve imagined myself a bit of a pain slut, even been called that a time or two, but never how much I could really take. W/we should start by finding out. W/we agree on a safe word, and You tell me to only use it when I really can’t endure anymore. No matter how screaming and crying i do, even if i scream ‘No’, You won’t stop until You hear me utter the safe word.

You secure me to frame, arms and legs outstretched, totally exposed for You. You wield the crop on my ass, lashing it repeatedly as i whimper and groan, my cock stiffening with each lash. As my bottom blisters to Your satisfaction, You turn Your attention to my hard cock and swollen balls. You apply several lashes downward on my cock, and I start to howl, but safe word yet. Then You swing upward and catch both my cock and balls. I gasp and groan as the full force of Your swing of the crop lands squarely on my balls. I’m determined to endure as much as i can, but after several swings I’m at my limit and stammer out the safe word. You immediately drop the crop and release me, helping me to bed where You treat my wounds and soothe my tortured soul.

After i’ve sufficiently recovered, You tell me it’s time for the next round as you begin securing me to the bed. You start to tease my hardening cock bringing me to a full erection and telling me i’m not allowed to cum. You also caution that if i should cum without permission You now know the limit of punishment i can endure, and You are fully prepared to take me there again. You stroke and tease me bringing me to the edge of orgasm again and again. Soon i am begging for permission to cum. You back off the stroking for a bit and tell me ‘No’ and soon resume the torment.

After a while i don’t know whether to beg for permission to cum or for You to stop stroking. You continue this cycle of torment, over and over until i’m a blubbering mess, not sure if i can hold back orgasm but dreading another round of punishment. Then i remember the safe word, and think it might apply here as well. I say it, and You tell me, “Good, pet, you may cum now.” You quickly stroke my engorged cock a few times and then remove Your hand letting the cum spurt from my cock in a ruined orgasm. I groan in frustration as You giggle at my predicament.

You tell me to rest for a bit as You do the same, but You leave me tied. Also, before You leave, You insert a plug in my ass and set a vibration on it. You tell me when You return You intend to test the limits of my ass with Your strap on collection. “Remember your safe word,” You sing as You sashay out of the room.

Very nice story…Wouldn’t you agree?

Miss Peyton