Sensual Mind Games Keep You Enslaved


Sensual Domination Begins in The Mind.

The slow indoctrination of your mind to be prepared in a gentle and yet powerful way to enslave you to me.

Of course the visual of my beautiful body. The slow and sensual movements. The sound of my addicting voice. As well as the vibrations of my power flowing over you. Are all things that will turn you from a strong man, to my special pet.

I like the slow conditioning to me and what it is I desire from you. The focusing of your senses on me, without the outside disturbances around you. I find that blindfolding you, so you have to listen and feel, does wonders here.

It increases the anticipation of what is to come.

It makes you so much more attentive to my desires. Oh you know how much I love that. Your complete and utter attentiveness.

Imagine yourself for a moment, naked and vulnerable. Tied up to a chair, blindfolded, and with nothing to distract you.

The clicking of my heels as I slowly prowl around you. Stalking my prey, sitting there, waiting for me to pounce.

Wondering what I will do to you.

My long fingernails coming up from the nap of your neck and up to the top of your scalp. Tucking at your hair as I go. Slowly, carefully, and with just the right amount of pressure to make you tremble.

My warm breath on your neck, as I lean in to you from behind and all you hear is my breathing and slow sensual moan in your ear.

Your mind will conjure up all kinds of sensual images.

Your cock will twitch with instant arousal and desperate desire for me.

Maybe I’ll decide to allow you to feel my silk covered breasts against the back of your head, as I reach around and let my fingers trail down to your nipples. Playing with them, pinching them, stroking them and pulling them.

Oh my, look at that. Your cock – my cock now – isn’t just throbbing now, and twitching helplessly, it’s drooling.

You hear me chuckle softly, throatily, with just the barest hint of a primal growl to it, as I watch your reaction.

Maybe I’ll come around to your front, and stand just at the edges and in the middle of your tight apart knees. Now you can feel the heat of my body. Feel the silkiness of my stockings as I take a wider stance.

Maybe I raise my leg just enough to slide it up between your thighs and dangerously close to your balls, but never touching. Just teasing you mercilessly with my closeness.

When that moan escapes your lips, and it will, it always does, I might lean forward so you can feel the heat of my body shining down on yours, and whisper into your ears…

“What a good little plaything you are. So helpless, so very vulnerable for me. I can do anything to you right now and there is nothing you can do to stop me. Anything at all….”

“What are you going to do to me, Mistress?” you ask already slightly breathless.

Well pet, there is only one way to find out.
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