Simply Irresistble

Mistress AlexisWho is intuitive, creative, and simply irresistible? Me, of course. I’ll have you wrapped around My little pinky, and dance around naked in your dreams. Or, crush them…
I’m the One that you were once warned about. I’m the One Who can make you lose your mind, wallet, and load – if I let you. Once I do, you’ll give until it hurts. Being the glutton that you are, you’ll be coming back for more. But, more of what? Punishment, tease and deny, humiliation, uncontrollable sluttery? Or, satisfaction of giving Me everything to please Me? Maybe you want those limits pushed beyond any way that you have ever imagined… I can do that.
I’m not just the giggly girl next door, but also the One with a sinister side. I’ll slither My way deep inside of you, while I take control of your body, mind, and orgasm. Just keep in mind that I extremely enjoy provoking you to push those limits. I’ll take you on a wild ride with sexually charged intensity, that has no boundaries – unless I say otherwise. Explore your inhibitions. But, be warned! It can become addicting, because I Am the perfect drug. I’ll flow through your veins, and have you begging for more. There is no cure, and you’re never going to break this habit. By the time that I have My long fingernails wrapped around your addictions, there won’t be a need for Me to ask you to push it further – you’re going to want to. And anything that you thought was once yours’, is now all Mine. 
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Mistress Alexis
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