Slave to Lust

Never has a boy been so turned on as when Mistress touched the darkest corners of his psyche. One would ask just how much can a slave bend before he’d break. Or could Mistress continue to burden this boy to be her Slave to Lust?slave2lust

Having a need that burns out of control, keeping the boy from resting at night. All of his thoughts are consumed by his Mistress and the places she takes him to. The boy has become enslaved to this growing passion for more of the space that can only be filled by this web his Mistress has him bound in.

Mistress is pushing harder then ever turning her boy into a cuckold slut, keeping him from the one true desire and driving him over the edge. He’s thought of nothing but the one day he’d finally be worthy of the one thing he wants the most only to find out now he has one more test. Yes, a slave to lust, a breaking point it could be…. One thing’s for sure nothing will ever be normal for this boy ever again.
Temptation Awaits You,
Mistress Peyton