Here I will add a list of tools I love and enjoy, some could be for your own personal growth and some could be just light reading material.  Either way it is for me to help you with your journey and that is what I am here for, to assist you.  But mostly they are for Fun Time Toys.. You know how I love to corrupt twist and torment you!!

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The Play Room


Lovense Toys for Virtual Sex

5 thoughts on “Toyz

  1. i hope that the tools will show that You enjoy being a very strict but loving Mommy to naughty sissy bois turn girl!

    • After reading your webiste and blog, I can understand why you are the number one Mistress on niteflirt. This confirms what I read, that you are an extraordinary women to be treated like a goddess.

  2. I anxiously await the collar around my neck, Goddess Peyton, and the leash You will hold in Your hands. I sit at Your feet, Your feet playfully nudging and pushing my genitals. I am told next to kneel. You command me to look into Your eyes as You explain the new life You have fashioned for me: complete submission to You, Your control is total, dictating my activities, and taking ownership of my finances. You seductively alternate Your fingers in and out of my mouth as I kiss and suck them. So needy, free of shame, dignity and will given up as offerings at the altar of Peyton. It is a private world, solely constructed by You, and I am home. Safe and protected under Your spell. I am apprehensive as You reach for the strap-on, but I will do as I am told.

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