Sweet Little Plaything for Mistress


Sweet, oh yes, you are such a Sweet little plaything for Mistress!

Such an adorable darling pet. Kneeling there before me, trembling in desperate anticipation of what I may desire to do with you today. Just my presence, weakens you. The scent of my lovely intoxicating perfume drives you wild. The glimmer of my silky stockings stretched so tight over my shapely legs, makes you breathe just a little harder. The soft sway of my skirt as I turn and walk slowly around you to inspect what is mine, makes you almost swoon.

Everything about me, your beloved Mistress, makes you forget about what other people think you are. You know that mask you wear all day long at work? The mask that let’s them believe that you are such a strong man, a real alpha in your business, but here with me…

Well before me, I am the one in charge.

The Boss, who tells you what to do, in soft whispers, in sensual gestures, which simply makes you putty in my hands.

Best of all… You love it! You love how easily I can dominate you and manipulate you to do my bidding and to obey me with my soft voice, my sensual being, and my feminine wiles. You, my dear, never even stood a chance. Oh yes, I know just how a man like you needs to be treated, guided and controlled.

Not with threats, harsh words, or screamed comments. That only makes you stubborn and disobedient, but by sensually leading you just where I want you.

You love it! Giving into me is so very easy.

It’s natural for you to want to please me! I dare say it’s hard wired into you male being. To be worthy of the ONE who knows all your secrets, your fantasies, your needs, and who with a smile and a flick of her little finger will use all those delicious weaknesses against you.

Don’t worry so, my sweet little pet, it’ll be our little secret. You can still wear you mask for everyone else and pretend that you are this strong and indestructible male force to reckon with, as long as you just admit that you are nothing more then my little pet to toy with when it’s just the two of us.

I adore that I can make you shiver so easily and take your power from you by simply being myself. Running my finger nail down your naked skin, and watching you quiver, waiting, hoping, dreaming of what I may do and touch next.

Inhale deeply my pet, drink my scent in.

Let it slide into and over your mind, imprinting itself on you. You do know what once my scent, my essence is in your mind, you’ll never get me out of there. The moment you smell the perfume I am wearing right now, anywhere it won’t matter where, your mind will travel back to me. Right here, here now, with you kneeling devotedly at my feet. So sweet, so precious, so humble and so obedient.

Would you like me to tell you another secret? Of course you do, you can’t get enough of hearing my voice…
Talk Soon Naughty One,
Miss Peyton