Training A Sissy

Recently I had the opportunity to train Stu. He’s a good sissy slut for me. Little did he know that when he signed up for my training that we would expand upon his training two fold.Training A Sissy

See when I take you into my web and get you to the point of no return you agree to things you wouldn’t under most circumstances.

Stu has found himself agreeing to let me dress him in the most delicate of clothing and train him to sit like a well groomed lady and wait his turn. As he is most eager not just for my strap on, but most of all for a cock.

I’ve painted a naughty picture in his mind of what that could be like if he’d behave and wait his turn. Having him dressed as the most precious girl. Watching as Mistress teased her boy toy, listening to each thing that the boy toy begged for next. Just when the time was right, I’d allow Stu to become unbound, while said boy toy remained bound.

Oh can you see where this story could end, or begin for that matter? Training a sissy is just the beginning it actually IS two fold.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

Desperate to Serve

Desperate to Serve

Desperate To Serve, A Sissy Story!

Admit it, you’ve all reached that point when you’ll do just about anything I ask of You causing you to become Desperate to Serve. I rec’d a call just the other day where one of my clients was mortified due to circumstances his need placed him in.

As it turns out, one of the games we played a year or so ago came right back to bite him in the ass.  One of his “friends”  found his Twitter feed and was amazed to see that my little slut has been a very bad boy!

She simply text him with his user name for all his Sissy Fun sites that we used together.  Come to find out all his sissy affirmations and his panty wearing antics have been found and are now in question.

I know you must be asking yourself what I did to help him in this time of need… well truth be know I did what any self respecting Mistress would do..  I’ve blogged and now I’m adding more recent photos to my collection I have on him.  Why you may ask??  Well that’s easy… I love making him squirm.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,

Miss Peyton

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Cock Sucking Fantasy

It’s so easy to call and say Mistress I want you to help me move to the next step. This is where you tell me you’ve got this Cock Sucking Fantasy and you say..  blackmail me if you have to please.  (This part makes me giggle) I’ll do anything, help me go through with this, I can’t seem to get it off my mind.oralfix

You each know just how much the weak and needy gets to me.  Seriously who can pass up a boy whore who just opens himself up for complete manipulation?   Not to mention the request to be blackmailed if all else failed to help him achieve his goal was just an added bonus for me.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s what we’re going to do, once again I challenge each of you to put one on point for me.  His name is Brian he’s been married for 10 years to Jessica who is a dental assistant, they reside in a little town in California.  For now I will keep some of his details discrete as he has been given a challenge and is to report back to me with the juicy details and also proof of completion.

Just remember boy whores, I can and do keep my word.  If you ask me for something you can bet that we are going to find a way to help you get exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,

Mistress Peyton


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Outed For Cock Sucking

Well this is different.. who knew a black guy would enjoy white cock so much? According to Steven R. from Houston it’s something he can hardly get enough of.

When Steven R. and I first started his confession time he was a little reluctant to openly tell me all those deep dark secrets. It didn’t take long for him to pour out his soul.    steven

For example, he is an Aircraft Mechanic at the Houston International Airport, and while he does date women he is in the opinion that he’s not well enough endowed to please a woman and always finds himself going right back to what he craves the most..cock! Not just any cock, the white man’s cock.

He states that his favorite part about cock sucking is the challenge, like where to get it. Once he has it it’s keeping him hard and then the challenge of making him cum. Can you guess where one might find a cock to suck? Steven finds his in personal ads online.

Steven felt compelled to tell me his actual place of residence is ****** S** H****** Rd,  in a little place in Humble, Texas  for those of you in the Houston area and are wanting to try a little Bi experience. He’s ready and willing to put himself out there. What do you think guys?

Oh I know what some of you are thinking, Mistress is ruthless for posting all this about poor Steven. No not really.. I have and always will keep my word, by this I mean give you what you’ ask me for.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

Mistress Tells All

Mistress Tells All…  Poor Allen  I told you what would happen, you should have listened to me.  Now look what you’ve made me do.  Exposed to the core.  Is this what you wanted?  All the secrets you held, I warned you boy.  Careful of Mistress. lunapic_136441932211069_5.jpg

Trapped by his desire to lick and suck a cock.  His brother in law held his hand down his pants and forced him to give a hand job.  Allen has had the desire to be forcefully taken by a man ever since then.

It’s also true that Allen can no longer cum by touching  his wife Amber, he has  to fantasize about her getting fucked by two guys.  His favorite part is them making her cum knowing he can’t do it.

He wants her ex boyfriend Chris to Dominate him by taking Amber away.  He secretly wants Chris to fill her up with cum and and he wants to clean it up with his useless tongue.

Poor Allen is confused about his sexuality, is he a cuckold?  Is he a man-slut?  Is he a cum whore?    Especially being that he loves to have cum sprayed all over his face.  Is he gay?  Or Bi?  Or worse… What he is well, you can see what I’ve turned him into.  I’ve let his cock betray and ruin him.  ~smirk~  And there is so much more where this came from.
Mistress Peyton