It’s the season to give thanks!

Give Thanks

Give Thanks

It’s the season to give thanks!

How lucky are you to have found Me. Your sensual Mistress, the ONE that knows just what you need and guides you, controls you, and weakens you.

It’s such a rare gift you receive from Me. Yes a gift, because it is not your right to be controlled by Me, it’s an honor I grant you. Of course you had to show yourself worthy of this special gift of My control over you. You had to surrender yourself, give up control, and lay yourself open for Me. Make yourself vulnerable to Me, which isn’t easy for so many of you boys.

You have dreamed of being under the control of a special Lady like myself.

One who not only embraces her dominance completely, but accepts you for the submissive boy you are. Allowing you the opportunity to explore your submissive nature further under my loving control. It’s nothing short of a miracle that you have found Me and have been giving the opportunity to experience the very think you have dreamed of for so long.

This year, as you give thanks for all the blessings in your life, you must make sure to include Me as well. You should make it a habit to show gratitude to Me, your Mistress, and meditate on what it means to belong to Me.

Of course, you should not only do this on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but every day. There is nothing more endearing to Me as your Mistress then a grateful sub, how doesn’t just pay lip-service to Me, but shows his understanding of the great Gift bestowed upon him in actions.

I enjoy giving you special worship and meditation on your submission and servitude to Me rituals. A special time to still your mind, sink deep into submission, and enter the proper mental state of gratitude and devotion to Me.

You will find that it enhances your daily life, brings you closer to Me in so many ways, and makes you feel as if you are never alone. What a wonderful place to be.

Let’s start the season of your new and improved spirit of thanks giving today. Give Me a call at (1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383) and put you on the right path of worship and deep inner submissive devotion.

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

Desperate to Serve

Desperate to Serve

Desperate To Serve, A Sissy Story!

Admit it, you’ve all reached that point when you’ll do just about anything I ask of You causing you to become Desperate to Serve. I rec’d a call just the other day where one of my clients was mortified due to circumstances his need placed him in.

As it turns out, one of the games we played a year or so ago came right back to bite him in the ass.  One of his “friends”  found his Twitter feed and was amazed to see that my little slut has been a very bad boy!

She simply text him with his user name for all his Sissy Fun sites that we used together.  Come to find out all his sissy affirmations and his panty wearing antics have been found and are now in question.

I know you must be asking yourself what I did to help him in this time of need… well truth be know I did what any self respecting Mistress would do..  I’ve blogged and now I’m adding more recent photos to my collection I have on him.  Why you may ask??  Well that’s easy… I love making him squirm.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,

Miss Peyton

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Carlos- A Sissy Blackmail Installment

Carlos calls me from a hotel in Miami Fl, he’s been up drinking all night and can hardly wait to give me the details of his miserable day to day existence.

As fate would have it Carlos wants to serve on another level, what he really wants and needs is to be of use to anyone who will have him. You see he’s not just a Sissy, he wants/needs to be exposed in the highest power.  carlossissy

After much wallet draining he has decided that he would love the opportunity to be a Full Service Sissy, meaning he would like to suck cock on a professional basis in order to have the attention of a beautiful girl such as myself.

For instance right now he’s laying in his hotel room in just his panties trying to figure out how he could be of service to me. He’s already admitted that his Ex Girlfriend (Marline) didn’t find him useful in the bedroom so she dressed him as most would like a good lil bitch while she had sex with real men.  And then he admits what he really is… a Cuckold. LMFAO

Anyone in the Miami area feel free to submit an email to me and I’ll hook you guys up, he really would enjoy having a stiff one down his throat.
Talk Soon,
Miss Peyton

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Blackmail Phone Sex

Something takes place between the two of us when I get you to the point you will do anything for me. Blackmail is a line most wont cross, some say they will but are a little afraid to step over into the danger zone with you. That’s not so true with me.  Blackmail Phone Sex

Being the person I am I’ve taken my time and learned your behavior. Studied the fear factor with you. Guided you into the web of what it takes to make you hook yourself for me. Beauty and brains with the added heat between your thighs and we’ve gotten you halfway there.

Taylor had to find out the hard way that I will take you to another level with blackmail phone sex I will take the innermost secrets and hold them against you.  Secret fetishes you may have and the desire that get’s your cock to betray you.  Something you wouldn’t share anyplace else but with me.

I will be your guide through your journey to find what you are looking for, remember to be careful always of what you ask me for.

Mistress Peyton

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Dirty Talking/Dirty Writing

Recently Mistress handed down a PTV task to those who felt they where up to the challenge. Being the good Mistress I am you are rewarded once you’ve completed a task and I deem it worthy of finding it’s way on my blog/tumblr.  stoys

For The task in question, I gave a few simple instructions to help you grow as a sub and also entertain me as the Mistress.

Many people enjoy “talking dirty” in bed. You can take this to the next level by “writing dirty.” This was followed by a scene and being asked what would happen next…. Below is a submission of
“Dirty Writing” Do Enjoy…

My head was throbbing and aching. i lay in bed thinking about what had happened the night before and found that i couldn’t really recall it at all. As i opened my eyes the sunlight was harsh and made my head ache even more. i realized that i was naked and in my bed. No recollection at all of how i got there. Not good. Then i saw the first sex toy. And another. And another. Worse yet, they weren’t all familiar. How did i manage to use (and get new) sex toys and not have any recollection of what had happened. Panic started to creep in through the fog. What had happened?

i forced myself to sit up. my head complained about that, but curiosity was starting to get the best of me. i saw more sex toys. i saw a pocket pussy, a sex doll, dildoes, nipple clamps, a collar, panties, restraints, crops, lingerie, etc. It must have been pretty wild, whatever good idea i had the previous night. So weird that i couldn’t remember it. Then i spotted it. The video tape. Oh boy – that can’t be good. i got up enough to get to the tape with an aching head. There was a note on it. The note said, ‘watch the tape, then go to your kitchen table’

With a sense of dread i put the tape into the machine and started watching it. The first scene had me cross dressed in lingerie with a male sex doll. i was horrified. i couldn’t believe that i would agree to be taped and didn’t remember getting dressed up or undressed. i didn’t even own a male sex doll. Something serious had happened. Someone knew i was a pervert. Someone had evidence i was a pervert. i was worried about who it might be. i was worried that my neighbors saw me. i was worried about a whole bunch of things now. The first scene ended and it went to the second scene.

This time i was on my knees in front of a man with a big cock. i had Women’s lingerie on. my mouth was around his cock and i was sucking it greedily. The scene continued until he pulled his cock out of my mouth and ejaculated on my face and tongue. Now i was in even more of a panic. i hit ‘stop’ on the tape, i couldn’t watch any more. i forced myself to get up and go into the kitchen. i saw a gift wrapped box on the table with a note.

The note said, “Did You enjoy the tape? Open the box. Get the right sizes. Put it on. Follow the final direction inside of the box.’ Trembling i opened the box. It contained a male chastity device. There were different sized rings. There was an open lock. The note inside of the box was from You. It said, “if you don’t want the tape mailed to Your boss, put on the device and email me pictures proving the device is on and locked and await further instruction from me. My address is: Mistress Peyton@ niteflirt. i spent about a half an hour selecting the right size. i put the lock through the device, took the pictures and mailed them out.

my life was going to be completely different – what the hell had happened last night?

Faithfully Submitted by:

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