Locktober Fun Fest With Mistress

Chastity, Cock Control, Tease and Denial

Oh What Fun Locktober Can Be!

For many of us October kicks off the start of the beloved holiday season. It’s a the start of the festive time of year when we spend time in sweaters and tights.

Did you know October also brings with it another tradition? We ladies in the community like to call it Locktober. It’s a month long period where boys of all walks of life try their hand at going as long as possible in with various types of chastity cages/devices.

What I like most about this time of year is it gives even the newest of newbies a chance to test their skill set at being a very good sub for their Mistress. You can learn to serve in ways you never thought possible.

Locktober even offers the committed submissive, yes YOU, a way to refrain from touching-toying-masturbating-intercourse all month long. What I’m referring to is you enter into a binding agreement with your Mistress stating you will vow hands off etc during this time.

These types of agreements I find to be THE MOST entertaining as most Subs have to get the most creative to continue to be faithful to the agreement but always find a way to stay on task.

Think about all the fun you could have with the options and ideas of Mistress being in control of your orgasms, your cock, your mind, your… well, everything. I love the sound of that. You should too.
Talk Soon Naughty One,
Miss Peyton

Chastity, A Boy’s Journey

ChastityI’ve been asked by Miss Peyton to write a few words about my chastity and what it means to me.

In the vanilla world I’m quite outgoing around friends, joking and being quite sarcastic. I work, pay the household bills, I’m a husband and a father, so outwardly I have to put on a front of strength.

Chastity and submission gives me a release, an escape from the responsibilities of an adult. It gives me focus. It takes away my previous almost hourly desire to find reason to touch my cock. I’m more attentive to my wife’s needs. I’m more helpful, more willing to please her.

I would recommend that all guys experience being locked at least once. See how it changes you. Improves you as a person.
To Be Cont……
Respectfully Submitted by Anon

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

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