A Word From Toy…

A word from Toy

A Word From Toy

Often times on a whim  you’ll receive a set of Instructions from me, it would be a pity should you decide not to follow along… Only a select few are brave enough to do exactly as I say.. Some say it’s more than rewarding.. Below is a sneak peak into what a day with MY Control would look like for you…

The crack of a whip, the sound of stilettos across the dungeon floor, even the soft caress of Mistresses stocking foot across  your face; all these sensations pale in comparison to when Mistress Peyton deems you lucky enough to receive instructions that represent her will and control over you.

The excitement that comes over you as you read her implicit instructions, her toy becomes instantly aroused and like a drug you wait for the next command, it’s like a snap of her fingers that shoots straight to your heart, and you obey, because that’s all there is in life that is important. You must make her happy, amuse her that is the only option.

Mistress Peyton will often tease me over the course of the day. She will command me to edge for her, over and over, till I am out of my mind with lust to serve her. In between she will inflict pain upon her toy, this is just to remind you even more that the thing hanging between your legs is no longer yours, but hers to do what she pleases with. It is in these moments that you realize her power and more importantly who owns and controls that toy between your legs. It is in fact a mouse that she smacks and teases like a cat does its prey, and all the while all you are left with is wanting more, the next set of commands!

There is no greater feeling than knowing that Mistress Peyton has tested your will, and that you passed cause she instills in you the need to be hers, to be owned and suffer for her enjoyment…..really that is all that matters. I belong to Mistress Peyton! Get used to that phrase, cause that is all you’ll really want anyway!

I hope this meets with your approval Mistress I’m Yours to control and abuse.
Your slave,

… Call Miss Peyton 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383

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Boy Toyed on The Job

sexyguyinsuitaBoy toy was asked to tell me what it’s like when I Boy Toyed with him on The Job:

“Excitement, exhilaration, fear, wanting to do what you are being told to do, by your Mistress, the one whom controls you. These are the thoughts that flash through your mind when you get that command, that task to complete, while at work!

As you sit at work you can’t help be distracted from the responsibility at hand. Your head starts to swim, you want to please her, no, need to please her! You will do what she asks without fail! But how? Probably what is required of you will take you to the restroom, you will hope and pray that it is empty, but does it really matter?

You are resolute to the fact that she commanded it, so damn the apprehension, execute what Mistress has commanded of you.
The internal conflict that goes on in your head only enhances the experience. If you are a lucky slave, you will be asked to perform an act that occurs over time. This will prolong the agony/ecstasy.
The true purpose of the exercise of course is Mistress‘ happiness, and for you to think of her. Trust me, that is all you will think off. It’s like taking a normal hum-drum day and then suddenly you are falling at 100 miles per hour and your life line is pleasing Mistress. In my case I had been told to place a rubber band on the tip of her toy for twenty minutes,(It is truly mind blowing how a simple office supply can totally  blow your day way off course). There was of course a catch, every time I looked at the clock, I had to snap the band on the head. Over 20 minutes that amounts to 6 or so mini conflicts, quickly do as commanded and hope and pray no one catches you.

Once you have completed the task and hopefully pleased your Mistress, you are relieved, but more importantly you are proud that you sacrificed your sanity for her, you are also thankful that she has made your day exciting, and despite the anxiety you can’t wait for the next command, how far will she push you next time…..”

The boy toy did a fine job of reporting back to me his thoughts on the topic of me invading his space during work hours.  As a matter of fact, I’m thinking we will call this On Job Training/OJT  from here on out.  You’re Welcome!!

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,

Mistress Peyton


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Altar of Peyton

I anxiously await the collar around my neck, Goddess Peyton, and the leash You will hold in Your hands. I sSlaveit at Your feet, Your feet playfully nudging and pushing my genitals. I am told next to kneel. You command me to look into Your eyes as You explain the new life You have fashioned for me: complete submission to You, Your control is total, dictating my activities, and taking ownership of my finances.

You seductively alternate Your fingers in and out of my mouth as I kiss and suck them. So needy, free of shame, dignity and will given up as offerings at the Altar of Peyton. It is a private world, solely constructed by You, and I am home. Safe and protected under Your spell. I am apprehensive as You reach for the strap-on, but I will do as I am told.

(A good Boy)