Poor Cuck Has A Problem

Poor Cuckold Has A Big Problem

Oh boy! He didn’t know when he agreed to let his wife see other men just how bad things could get for him.

When they agreed that she could see Jamal from work he thought this would be the answer to all his problems. He had been wanting to try other things.

She had been tired of the way things had been in the bedroom for such a long time. Together they came to the agreement that they would try it for just a little while. Neither of them knew that they would love the cuckold relationship so much.

It wasn’t until about six months into the situation they figured out just how messed up things had gotten. For her there was no going back. For him, well… he was all the way in.

As I said this marriage had it’s own set of problems prior to them taking on the cuckold relationship. Until the day she peed on the stick.

To Be Continued…
Miss Peyton

Drop to Your Knees Worship My Feet

At Her Feet

Worship Shoes, Feet and Toes!

You simply can’t stop staring at my beautiful soft and freshly pedicured feet. The elegance of my long toes has you enthralled. The delicate design on my beautiful toe nails has you under a spell. The way the peak out from my open toed high heeled shoes makes you weak and all you want to do is drop to your knees to worship my feet, my shoes, my toes.

Already you are picturing me sitting in a chair above you, you on your knees, gently – carefully – worshipful lifting each foot in turn and kissing, licking, sniffing, and caressing every inch of those lovely strap open toed, high heeled silver shoes of mine.

Cleaning the dust from my walking off them with your tongue, careful not to miss even the tiniest bit. Licking the soles to assure that they too are nice and properly cleaned.

Surely it’s nasty, but to you it’s divine.

You want nothing more then to lick and suck on the stiletto heel of my lovely shoes, sucking on it as if it was a shoe cock. Oh I tease you about that all the time, that you are a little faggot for my high heel. Sucking on it so lovingly and so worshipful. I know the very thought is making your cock twitch. You are so aroused by it, that you groan.

You take your time with worshiping and serving my high heeled shoes, a sweet torment to your body and mind. I love seeing how enthralled and fully focused you become when I give you that honor.

That’s a good boy, I softly whisper, stay focused on your task. Don’t miss a single inch. I watch as your eyes glaze over, you sinking into a feverish pitch of sexual arousal and utter worship.

After a while I have a wonderful idea.

You are being such a good boy, that I want to give you a special type of reward. I call a hold to your worship and you stop reluctantly. Thinking that your time at my feet – with my shoes – has come to an end. I order for you to go and get my black high heeled pair of shoes, which I have worn for years now. My scent is deeply ingrained inside of the leather. When you bring it to me I tell you to hold one of them to your nose and inhale deeply.

Your face is priceless as you realize what a special privilege I am granting you today. That’s right, good boy, bury your nose in my shoe and inhale deeply. Let the scent of the shoe and lingering scent of my foot go deep into your nostrils and permeate your mind.

Your cock is twitching so hard, I am wondering if you are going to cum without even touching yourself. Inhaling the scent of my shoe, it’s leather coupled with the scent of my foot, drives you mad with lustful thoughts.

I grin with mischief in my eyes as I hold out the second shoe to you and tell you to …

Oh you want to know what else I have on my mind?  Well I guess you’ll just have to pick up the phone and call me now to find out!

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

Princess Indigo

The very lovely Peyton has kindly asked Me to introduce Myself…

My name is Princess Indigo. The flame haired Transgender sex bomb. A seductive English mindfucker, who will break your heart and steal your soul. Call Me Princess. This is not a request.
Educated, wicked and playful. On the surface I’m warm witty, friendly and approachable. Something which has lured so many weak minded fools into My dark erotic trap.
My alluring mysterious voice and hot sizzling body will beguile your mind, enslave your heart and fuck your little mind.
There’s something about Me that gets so deep inside of you. Deliciously coiling around you, leaving you totally spellbound and utterly captivated. My dark supernatural power slowly consuming you.
My steamy Erotic Hypnosis and Femdom video’s are so addictive. I can be silky and seductive or cruel and merciless. Making you whimper and beg as I sink My claws into you and devour you whole.
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Locked Up (Chastity Boy)

Locked Up (Chasity Boy)

… He asked me to keep him Locked Up, I added my very own version of fun along the way…

The keys are now complete frozen into the ice. i am now wearing the panty liners. i am wet all the time now. my penis seems to drip pre-cum almost constantly. As i study the images from yesterday, a few things are becoming clearer.

First, men truly are property, they have no rights or privileges of their own. This is right and the natural order of things and they must be treated this way or they lose perspective and think they are more than they are.

Second, men have used their sexuality, their penises in ways that dominate, force, and subdue women. The very act of thrusting is a dominate, forceful, almost rape like action.

As i watch  clips of forced orgasm, the men are held passive, there is no thrusting, no dominant behavior. They are the ones being taken, being forced to ejaculate, often in ways that seem uncomfortable, almost painful. Where the act of ejaculation has nothing to do with a man’s pleasure and in fact gives him almost none. it is purely for the women’s amusement and is a tool to reinforce her control.

….As you can Imagine he does suffer in many ways as I give him what he asked for.  What’s that we say?  Careful what you ask for! This is just the beginning for him, I wonder if his thoughts will soon match my own?  Yanno… all dark and twisted!

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton


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Smoking Fetish

GBD1 Smoking fetish, in many ways these days bordering on a Taboo Fetish, since for all practical purposes now smoking is seen as something nasty and destructive. The Media sure likes to ruin our fun about the enjoyment it brings to US smokers, doesn’t it. Oh and not to mention the enjoyment you little smoke lovers have watching a beautiful woman smoking in front of you.

Do you know what I love so much about being a smoking Mistress?

That is makes you so weak for Me. You don’t even have to see it at times, all I have to do is tell you all about My smoking and letting you hear the slow in and exhales, the flipping of the lighter and describe the smoke flowing all around you. Instant erection, instant weakness and oh those moans I hear from you. Yes, your mind and cock is so easily manipulated by the very idea of Me smoking.

I just finished a conversation with a smoke lover. His was the eroticism of watching a woman smoke while he would masturbate in front of her. The slow teasing of my inhales and exhales while watching him stroke his cock. Ah and when I told him how I would dangle my cigarette between my red lips and reach out to …

Haha no you don’t get to hear the rest for free sorry, but I think you get the picture. I had him panting in no time and than true to My Mistress form, I told him he wasn’t even allowed to cum. Bam… orgasm denial while teasing him mercilessly. You should have heard him BEG. I loved it. Now talking about doing something as simple as smoking or talking about smoking and making a man so weak that he BEGS. I find that powerfully intoxicating to MY senses. I do so love to hear boys beg.

That of course is the mildest and most intimate form of smoking fetish. A sweetly done sensual domination of his mind and senses. No pain involved. A virtual GF or wife type of session really in which I enter his mind and life with my smoking ways. Controlling his cock any way I like via my smoking ways.

Ah yes, sensually delightful, but of course Me being a Mistress I do so love to go a little harsher. Nothing more arousing than smoke slave or human ashtray training for Me. The more submissive the little Tarbitch is for Me the better. When it comes to smoke slave training I enjoy going from mild to extreme. Mild might be forcing him to smoke for Me and on My command while I smoke as well. Smoke inhale or exhale endurance training in which I strain his lungs and truly fuck them with Mistress Nicotine as My helper. Making those eyes water and eliciting those coughs he just can’t stop himself from. Teasing him about how he is ruining his lungs for Me and more. Cutting off his nostrils either with my fingers or a clothepeg and forcing My second hand smoke directly into his mouth. Oh the list goes on and on and I am an expert at all of those things. Of course if I want to go the extreme route I do Cigarette Torture with him and now it gets hot upclose and personal. This is not for the wimpy smoke addicts among you and I do take My time during those types of sessions. I inflict pain but I do not harm, well outside the harm that smoking brings naturally, but than you go into it knowing those risks.

Human Ashtray training is another delight and has so many lovely things included in it that I can do to you. From various positions as you eat My ashes, to consuming the cigarette butts, to having the cigarette put out on your tongue before consuming it and even the humiliating Mechanical Ashtray training that I do so adore.

NO matter which way I go with it one thing remains the same. I am the one in charge and you are just a little smoke addicted slave for MY amusement.

Now those types of sessions I do on
Niteflirt Mistress Listing: Call GoddessBellaDonna for phone sex on Niteflirt.com $1.99 a min.

Now of course I always like to include other fetishes into it as well, so you never know what your smoking fetish phonesessions with me would look like. It’s always tailored to what you can handle and what I am in the mood for at that moment. Of course that is how it should be, because Mistress like her powerfix over weak little smoke bitches like you.


Give Me a call and experience it for yourself. Make sure you have cigarettes handy and a bottle of water if you are looking for smoking instructions from Me, you’ll need them.

Goddess Bella Donna