Let The Feminine Training Begin

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So You Want to Be a Sissy?

Boys are worse than girls when it comes to jealousy. It’s true you know. But why wouldn’t you be? We girls get fawned over. Girls get all the attention.

Not only that, we smell better.

We have a power that boys don’t. We have this way about us that can stop the biggest, strongest man in his tracks. You know it’s true.

Day after day you fight the urge to want to become more like me.  More powerful.  More girlie.  You want what I have.  My question to you is do you have what it takes to become what you envy? Do you have the discipline to upkeep your body? The courage to be mindful of every morsel you put into your body?

You see with me Feminine training is more of a whole body and soul training.  You are making a shift from your old self.  There will be a transformation from the inside out.  The countless hours you put in will show inside and out.    If you feel you have what it takes to make this courageous journey then I invite you to step up.  Leave everything you thought you knew behind.

Leave all your preconceived thoughts and ideas behind.  We go at my pace.  Not yours.  At the end of your transformation you will come out on the other end a new girlie girl.

Talk Soon Naughty One-

Miss Peyton

Sissification Phone Sex

Sissification Phone Sex leaves much to be said about a transformation we will make together. It’s more than just a simple conversation you need to find a way to Sissificationcommit to what you are doing with me and stay on track.

I so love to make a sissy out of my boys, taking you places you’ve not been before, hearing your thoughts on becoming a feminine being. Your day-to-day changes in life. I really love digging in and grabbing hold of you.

Sissification Phone Sex takes a special look within who you are as a sissy. You must know that life as you know it will become a journey. One that will be both wonderful and amazing. Don’t be so quick to rush things, let the transformation into something beautiful happen as you blossom.

I’ll be your guide on this magical little journey holding your delicate hand the whole way through. I mean you do need me to show you how to be the best little sissy slut on the planet.  The training I offer is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, some would say it’s like being micro managed.  Brace yourself it’s time for you to let me bring out the girlie parts of you!  Come on now allow your mind to be blown by some sissification, I bet it’ll leave you breathless.

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383

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