Surrender To Me, Don’t Hold Back!

Surrender, Submission, Manipulation,


Surrender To Me on The Deepest Level.

Give yourself to me. Mind, heart, body and soul. Surrender to me, at the deepest most vulnerable level, until you no longer know where your desires and my will overlap. Become my creature, my puppet, my pleasure, my joy, my pet. Let get go of your Ego for me, and be honest with who you truly are and what you truly seek. No games, no pretenses, no hidden self, but honesty and openness your gifts of introduction at my feet.

You wish to worship me, you said, like a Goddess – a Queen. To be my servant, my creature, my worshiper, and so much more. To be permitted to behold me and be used by me for my benefit and pleasure. Ah what pretty words, seeker, but are you truly ready for such a great honor and immeasurable gift?

Are you truly able and willing?

Reject your own carnal need I  demand it.  Focus your will, body, and actions on me and what I desire first and foremost.

You see, as my worshiper, my pet, my creature, your cock will be locked away. It will be held within the steel cage that are designed to my specifications and not for your pleasure. For a minimum of 1 year, you will be kept in chastity, and with that your mind trained to understand that everything, even the most basest of actions and privileges over your own body are now mine and mine to command.

You will be stripped down, not just of your clothing, but your EGO, your will, your false believes of what you are entitled to, your masculinity, and your false senses of what worship is and isn’t. You will be stripped of all of this and once you have become as a clean untouched slate, I shall write MY will and commands upon you. Make you truly into that which you claim you wish to be, MY creature, my worshiper, my servant, my pet, and nothing more.

Oh and I will not use you, but you will be useful to me.

A great difference in the large sense of the picture and in the most minute of details I assure you. For being used by me still is all about you, the pleasure you derive from it, the false ideas of what it will be like to serve and worship a Queen as I, but you fall short in understanding what service truly is. You fall short in knowing what it means to worship.

No, seeker, if you are indeed sincere in your desire to become my pet, my slave, my servant, my worshiper and my creature, then we shall strip all of the false senses, dreams, ego driven thoughts away from your mind, your hear, and you body until your true worth is revealed to me and I may judge to see if you are indeed worthy of being made my creature, my treasure, and that which is ultimately treasured by me as that which is of you use to me and by my design.

Do you still seek this great privilege, the mind and life altering experience which so many dream of yet so few suited for? Do you still wish to kneel before me and give yourself to me in any way I desire, knowing that it indeed will be MY desires that will take highest priorities while yours will be pushed onto the side unless by happy circumstance they match into what I wish and demand?

Think on it, seeker, for once you have entered into the Temple of this Queen and Goddess you shall never leave the same.

You know what to do.

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

Smoking Fetish

GBD1 Smoking fetish, in many ways these days bordering on a Taboo Fetish, since for all practical purposes now smoking is seen as something nasty and destructive. The Media sure likes to ruin our fun about the enjoyment it brings to US smokers, doesn’t it. Oh and not to mention the enjoyment you little smoke lovers have watching a beautiful woman smoking in front of you.

Do you know what I love so much about being a smoking Mistress?

That is makes you so weak for Me. You don’t even have to see it at times, all I have to do is tell you all about My smoking and letting you hear the slow in and exhales, the flipping of the lighter and describe the smoke flowing all around you. Instant erection, instant weakness and oh those moans I hear from you. Yes, your mind and cock is so easily manipulated by the very idea of Me smoking.

I just finished a conversation with a smoke lover. His was the eroticism of watching a woman smoke while he would masturbate in front of her. The slow teasing of my inhales and exhales while watching him stroke his cock. Ah and when I told him how I would dangle my cigarette between my red lips and reach out to …

Haha no you don’t get to hear the rest for free sorry, but I think you get the picture. I had him panting in no time and than true to My Mistress form, I told him he wasn’t even allowed to cum. Bam… orgasm denial while teasing him mercilessly. You should have heard him BEG. I loved it. Now talking about doing something as simple as smoking or talking about smoking and making a man so weak that he BEGS. I find that powerfully intoxicating to MY senses. I do so love to hear boys beg.

That of course is the mildest and most intimate form of smoking fetish. A sweetly done sensual domination of his mind and senses. No pain involved. A virtual GF or wife type of session really in which I enter his mind and life with my smoking ways. Controlling his cock any way I like via my smoking ways.

Ah yes, sensually delightful, but of course Me being a Mistress I do so love to go a little harsher. Nothing more arousing than smoke slave or human ashtray training for Me. The more submissive the little Tarbitch is for Me the better. When it comes to smoke slave training I enjoy going from mild to extreme. Mild might be forcing him to smoke for Me and on My command while I smoke as well. Smoke inhale or exhale endurance training in which I strain his lungs and truly fuck them with Mistress Nicotine as My helper. Making those eyes water and eliciting those coughs he just can’t stop himself from. Teasing him about how he is ruining his lungs for Me and more. Cutting off his nostrils either with my fingers or a clothepeg and forcing My second hand smoke directly into his mouth. Oh the list goes on and on and I am an expert at all of those things. Of course if I want to go the extreme route I do Cigarette Torture with him and now it gets hot upclose and personal. This is not for the wimpy smoke addicts among you and I do take My time during those types of sessions. I inflict pain but I do not harm, well outside the harm that smoking brings naturally, but than you go into it knowing those risks.

Human Ashtray training is another delight and has so many lovely things included in it that I can do to you. From various positions as you eat My ashes, to consuming the cigarette butts, to having the cigarette put out on your tongue before consuming it and even the humiliating Mechanical Ashtray training that I do so adore.

NO matter which way I go with it one thing remains the same. I am the one in charge and you are just a little smoke addicted slave for MY amusement.

Now those types of sessions I do on
Niteflirt Mistress Listing: Call GoddessBellaDonna for phone sex on $1.99 a min.

Now of course I always like to include other fetishes into it as well, so you never know what your smoking fetish phonesessions with me would look like. It’s always tailored to what you can handle and what I am in the mood for at that moment. Of course that is how it should be, because Mistress like her powerfix over weak little smoke bitches like you.


Give Me a call and experience it for yourself. Make sure you have cigarettes handy and a bottle of water if you are looking for smoking instructions from Me, you’ll need them.

Goddess Bella Donna