Teased for Days

Recently I passed down a task that kept my Boys Teased for Days.  As fate would have it so much of my inspiration is derived from a mixture of our communication as well erotic photography.  Teased for Days

Not everyone is brave enough to take on my type of assignments as some are risky for those of you who are in full time relationships, while others are eagerly waiting for each set of heart pounding instruction(s).

You see I only assign well thought out tasks, I take into consideration the level of mental stimulation one will endure to keep my  boy(s)  Teased for Days.  For some it’s the risk factor (will or won’t I be caught), for others it’s the physical sensation of being out of control.

My personal favorite is when I know without a doubt you’ve been set up for total manipulation.  It’s in these moments I find it hard to resist forcing you to check in. I often wonder what goes through your mind in the moments before you’ve gathered the nerve to press send on the email  or dial my number.  Do you tremble with anticipation, or is something else causing you to shake all over… Or maybe for you it’s a twitch of the cock that stirs you into further submission.

For me there is NOTHING like knowing you are in the throws of desire yet are being conditioned to be rational,  in these moments of weakness I can determine new limits, test your loyalty and establish new guidelines by which we play by.

There are far worse things then being Teased for Days, think about it.. you could be  stuck in a vanilla life  doing everything vanilla with no real excitement or much to challenge you mentally or physically, no real stimulation and no adventure.  Don’t get me wrong Vanilla is good when it works the question is,  does it work for you?

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

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Weak Minded

Some of you may believe that being weak minded is a bad thing, actually at the end of the day it’s exactly where you belong. I mean think about it, you are there and for the most part you’re in control 24/7 but then you get these cravings, you get this deep desire to be manipulated and broken down into a puddle of fun.  Weak Minded

Don’t think for a minute that you being weak minded makes you any less of a man, in fact it is a turn on, A HUGE turn on for a girl like me. What I mean to say is the moment you decide that you are tired of the vanilla in life or all that the vanilla life offers you find yourself becoming weak for spice.

If you ask me, and eventually you will… there is nothing more sexy then a man who just accepts his place in life. Where? Oh that’s easy, it’s beneath a strong beautiful woman. You haven’t lived yet until you let a woman take you by the hand and fuck you over in ways you never imagined.

Are you afraid you’ll enjoy the place I created for you, you have nothing really to lose, well I mean you’ll give up plenty… and you’ll happily do so if only to make me happy. It is after all the one true purpose you serve.
Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

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Phone Sex — let’s do it!

Dicklett Humiliation Task

i undress…i look down at my tiny dicklett…i need to decorate it like Miss Peyton commanded…i stare at it for awhile…i begin to stroke and think about what i can do make this entertaining for Miss Peyton…now that i am good and hard…i wash my balls, my shaft, my cock head…being that these all items belong to Miss Peyton, i hope a can decorate it to Her liking…i dip it in my cup of drinking water and let it soak…then, i take it out wash it carefully with shower gel and a warm wash cloth…i pat it dry and begin decorating. Dicklet Humiliation Task

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, green and white mushroom seems appropriate. First the base, green all along the base…then i massage a lighter green on to Your balls…nice thick coating of green…then i paint yellow polka dots all over Your balls.

Now, the shaft…i use a thin brush and paint it up and down in white. For accent, i take the light green paint and i paint a vein onto the white shaft…onto the head…i paint it dark green…it is completely green!…now the next is more challenging…i put small dabs of honey all over the head. Then, i take the mini white marshmallows they put in instant hot chocolate packets and adhere them to the head…finally, one last addition…two googly eyes adhered to the top of the shaft.

There it is…green balls with yellow polka dots, white shaft with green vein and googly eyes, and dark green head with mini white marsh mellows all over it…a leaky little dicklett all dressed up as an animated mushroom!

i hope my mushroom was entertaining for You, Miss Peyton. i did my best to please You with this decorative, humiliating task. i don’t want to disappoint You.


… I must say you did very well in entertaining me, I enjoyed this way more then you could ever realize.

Talk Soon,


1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383

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Hot And Sexy Humiliation

Humiliation has many forms, it depends on the person who’s asked for it and the type of degrading they want to surrender themselves to. When in the proper context nothing can be more arousing, and if you ask me.. it’s down right hot and sexy!

Recently I found out from one sub in particular that he feels the most humiliation from the little things I have him endure.As I said nothing is more of a turn on, and I do find it very hot and sexy too. Especially knowing that I’ve not really tried to cause him discomfort in a specific way.

For some of you Humiliation requires the grande scheme of things, but here’s my thoughts on it. If you are already submitting yourself you should let Mistress decide how degrading your time will be. If it will be the little things or the greatest of all things to take you Humiliationdown deep.
Oh trust me when I say  I can be dark, I can have you in tears if you so choose, I just found it very interesting when a sub opens up and shares its the smallest of things I put him through that cause him the greatest of shame.

I’ve told you time and again that sexual situations begin and end with your mind. Once you’ve allowed me in that space nothing should be off limits great or small. Something for you to think about, think about the little thing that keep you exactly where you want to be. And then think back to the last time I unleashed on you. Off hand I can think of a few of you who’ve had me unleash who later called asking me not to carry through with certain wishes. You know exactly who you are.

Either way I believe however you crave the humiliation served up to you it’s an extraordinary experience because you’ve put all of who you are in my hands and you need me to take from you.

I hope I’ve given you a little something to think about, perhaps the last time you gave yourself to me or maybe it’s the way you want to learn to give. As long as you are thinking I believe we’re making progress.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

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