Pain With Lust

Care for a little Pain with your Lust?  Everyone needs a place to surrender it all one time or another.  Mistress can serve you a heaping dish of on your knees pain.  She can give it to you with out the emotion you’d expect as well.

Some  would say Mistress saves them from themselves and even thanks me after the fact when  I’ve hurt them to the core.  Pain is something that can be rather stimulating if you let it be.  Some would rather feel pain then nothing at all and pain is after all erotic when done properly.   Lust Pain

Lust, pain or devotion I say pick your outlet and let’s begin the downward spiral for you.  I’m about the place you want to go, I’ll be the guide to help you discover what it is you seek.  Don’t worry, all those dark places are safe with me.  I’ll keep them hidden within the shadows of our time together.

Mistress keeps the best secrets for all the twisted boys, she helps them develop the skills they’d otherwise waste away never knowing who they’d become.   Pain with lust is only one of the skill sets that this Mistress will bring to you.

Come, bring me your body, let’s create for me awonderland for me to devour each and every part of your life in.  Where the pain ends lust begins, your eyes open and you see a brand new world.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,

Mistress Peyton

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