Mistress Caged His Cock

Mistress had been discussing the idea of caging up her boy toy, at least once to try it. Being the horny boy he is I must tell you how reluctant he was to actually go through with our plan. cockcage

As I lead him to the chair and had him sit like a good submissive slut would, I gave him options. Options are a good thing. I mean what fun would it be with no options? Option A) Slip the cage on like a good boy.. Reward to come later. Option B) Mistress forces the cage on with no lube for ease of the penis into the tube. And NO reward later. Choice was his!

Now I know you must be wondering what he chose and I can honestly say that it was option A for good reason too. He wanted to be bound and teased with naughty story time. Not really sure what was more fun the way his body reacted to the words or the way I would “almost” let him get a peep at this or that on my body. OH my personal favorite was when I released one of his hands and had him rub those aching balls for me and he began to drip pre-cum from all the tease!! Loved it!!

Naughty ones don’t go getting the wrong idea about Mistress Peyton, this Submissive Slut is a personal friend of mine and I DO NOT meet up with just anyone for play time, let that be clear. I do enjoy my lifestyle fun within my circle and I will be sharing more stories with you here on my blog. Hope you enjoy!
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton