Pain With Lust

Care for a little Pain with your Lust?  Everyone needs a place to surrender it all one time or another.  Mistress can serve you a heaping dish of on your knees pain.  She can give it to you with out the emotion you’d expect as well.

Some  would say Mistress saves them from themselves and even thanks me after the fact when  I’ve hurt them to the core.  Pain is something that can be rather stimulating if you let it be.  Some would rather feel pain then nothing at all and pain is after all erotic when done properly.   Lust Pain

Lust, pain or devotion I say pick your outlet and let’s begin the downward spiral for you.  I’m about the place you want to go, I’ll be the guide to help you discover what it is you seek.  Don’t worry, all those dark places are safe with me.  I’ll keep them hidden within the shadows of our time together.

Mistress keeps the best secrets for all the twisted boys, she helps them develop the skills they’d otherwise waste away never knowing who they’d become.   Pain with lust is only one of the skill sets that this Mistress will bring to you.

Come, bring me your body, let’s create for me awonderland for me to devour each and every part of your life in.  Where the pain ends lust begins, your eyes open and you see a brand new world.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,

Mistress Peyton

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Outed For Cock Sucking

Well this is different.. who knew a black guy would enjoy white cock so much? According to Steven R. from Houston it’s something he can hardly get enough of.

When Steven R. and I first started his confession time he was a little reluctant to openly tell me all those deep dark secrets. It didn’t take long for him to pour out his soul.    steven

For example, he is an Aircraft Mechanic at the Houston International Airport, and while he does date women he is in the opinion that he’s not well enough endowed to please a woman and always finds himself going right back to what he craves the most..cock! Not just any cock, the white man’s cock.

He states that his favorite part about cock sucking is the challenge, like where to get it. Once he has it it’s keeping him hard and then the challenge of making him cum. Can you guess where one might find a cock to suck? Steven finds his in personal ads online.

Steven felt compelled to tell me his actual place of residence is ****** S** H****** Rd,  in a little place in Humble, Texas  for those of you in the Houston area and are wanting to try a little Bi experience. He’s ready and willing to put himself out there. What do you think guys?

Oh I know what some of you are thinking, Mistress is ruthless for posting all this about poor Steven. No not really.. I have and always will keep my word, by this I mean give you what you’ ask me for.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

Corruption Starts In the Married Man

Nothing excites me more then to take a married man down the dark and twisted path of corruption. Mistress is forever looking for ways to have you doing the most filth of tasks for me while keeping you on edge.  corruption

Below you will find a response to one of the tasks… I like to call Cum on Her Panties.. LOL
Hello Mistress

just reporting back as instructed. This was a simple assignment but your description and detailed instruction made at very exciting. I very much enjoyed being given instructions and a task to complete and went right to it. At first I thought sexy pair of panties meant thong, right. But my wife never wears them and to be honest they are not the sexiest thing for her so I remember the pair of panties that she has that really turn me on…black with a high cut along the checks and a wide band of lace too so you still see a lot but not like thong and they are very sexy!

so I found them, making note of where they were so I could put them back… Right on top. Then went in the bathroom and followed your instructions reading them several times as I did. After words folding them back up and putting them back. It was already in the evening and I would be up before my wife so I knew she would not be in the drawer before I would but I figured that was chi kenning out so I left them until I got home that night instead and then moved them to the laundry. Still not out of the woods because although I do the wash, aren’t you proud of me, they still have not made it back to her drawer and she should know that she didn’t wear them. Not really concerned though.

Task Completed by Anon and ever so sweetly submitted to Mistress.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

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Cuckold’s POV

Dear Mistress Peyton,

Being a cuck boy would be both painful and exciting. Sometimes emotionally painful, sometimes physically painful, often very exciting too.   FotoFlexer_Photo

It’s emotionally painful to know that i am not up to the task of sexually pleasing a Woman because i am too small and dribble too quickly. It is emotionally painful to see Her be so sexually aroused by a real man’s cock when She couldn’t care less about my pathetic little cocklet and swollen, achy balls. But it is really exciting to hear Her moan when his cock stretches Her pussy open and slides completely inside of Her pussy. It is painful to watch Her tiny pink pussy open and accept that real man’s cock because it is a visual reminder that Her tiny pink pussy can stretch and fully take that big hard cock and that She would likely not even feel something so small and pathetic like my tiny cocklet inside of Her pussy. Seeing that up close like that makes me realize that i don’t deserve to put my tiny cock in a Woman’s pussy. Ever. But hearing Her cum and have a very strong orgasm is one of the most delightful sounds on earth.

Hearing Her beg for his cum to fill Her pussy is exciting and humiliating too. Especially knowing that one of the jobs of a cuckold is to clean Her pussy up after they done fucking. The pleasure of having my face buried between Her thighs and licking Her pussy is coupled with the emotional pain of licking my sexual superior’s semen from Her pussy. It is all cummy, wet, sticky and his ownership of Her pussy is dripping back out into my mouth. Hearing Her laugh and taunt me for being a submissive loser and licking his cum from Her is painful too. Having Her ride my face until She orgasms again is incredibly exciting, even as i am tasting his sperm in Her pussy.

Having Her tell me that because i am unable to please Her pussy that i do not deserve sexual pleasure and sexual release can be both emotionally and physically painful. Being teased over and over again by eating Her pussy, worshiping Her ass, sniffing Her panties and wearing panties for Her is very exciting, but that is coupled with the pain of being denied a release and having swollen and achy balls that are filled with unspent loser goo for Her amusement.

Knowing She tells all of Her girlfriends causes angst and emotional pain which is intensified when they see You and giggle, Her girlfriends all knowing that She doesn’t fuck you, but She fucks real men with real cocks and then has me lick Her pussy clean. There is also emotional and physical pain when She doesn’t trust that i can control myself when She isn’t around and She feels that it is necessary to lock that pathetic little thing in chastity to ensure there is no unpermitted masturbation or ejaculation. The almost constant denial results in constant arousal and physical pain when She is teasing me with Her pussy and ass and when i am worshipping Her body.

As always, Your questions are very insightful and it’s very true that cuckolding is an interesting dichotomy of pain and pleasure…

Ante Up: From A Pet’s POV

I have known Miss Peyton for more than a little while and she is incredible to serve. She always ups the ante just a little bit, a natural progression from one fetish on to the next, gradually increasing the kinkiness or simply adding to it.CEI

My original fetish and interest with her was to perform cock and ball torture on myself on cam for her orders and amusement. She will also not call for anything “unsafe”, while we were having one of our first sessions I started a urethral insertion of a Q-tip and she told me to stop, the threat of bacteria was not a risk she was interested in me taking.

So with tied up balls and an ice bath later she said “I have something I want you to do….” then she asked if I had ever eaten my cum before, I said I hadn’t and my orgasm began to build. She instructed me to cum in a glass and to drink it down. It wasn’t bad at all and it made her chuckle with delight, and that is the point of serving Miss Peyton. We are for her amusement, but she does care about our safety.

As a pet or a slave or how ever she deems you in her world to fit, you are in good hands with Mistress as she will up the ante and keep you just inside of the out of this world zone for a mixture of pleasure and fun.  Trust me, I know this, she’s a one of a kind Mistress who plays for keeps.

I am but one of her Pets