Ante Up: From A Pet’s POV

I have known Miss Peyton for more than a little while and she is incredible to serve. She always ups the ante just a little bit, a natural progression from one fetish on to the next, gradually increasing the kinkiness or simply adding to it.CEI

My original fetish and interest with her was to perform cock and ball torture on myself on cam for her orders and amusement. She will also not call for anything “unsafe”, while we were having one of our first sessions I started a urethral insertion of a Q-tip and she told me to stop, the threat of bacteria was not a risk she was interested in me taking.

So with tied up balls and an ice bath later she said “I have something I want you to do….” then she asked if I had ever eaten my cum before, I said I hadn’t and my orgasm began to build. She instructed me to cum in a glass and to drink it down. It wasn’t bad at all and it made her chuckle with delight, and that is the point of serving Miss Peyton. We are for her amusement, but she does care about our safety.

As a pet or a slave or how ever she deems you in her world to fit, you are in good hands with Mistress as she will up the ante and keep you just inside of the out of this world zone for a mixture of pleasure and fun.  Trust me, I know this, she’s a one of a kind Mistress who plays for keeps.

I am but one of her Pets


Pet Needs a Name

Lust PainRecently Mistress Peyton came into contact with Troy.  Such an open and honest boy with high hopes for where his relationship with me would take him.

Pet Needs a Name I wonder what type of sub he will turn out to be.  Will he be a obiedient yes man?  Or will he prove to be one of those pesky boys that Mistress needs to dismiss right away same as she should have others right from the start?

So far this Pet has shown great respect for his Mistress in the fact that he hasn’t bombed her with cock pictures thinking that would impress her.  He hasn’t forced his nature upon her, nor has he listed out his needs first.  In fact the only things this Pet has shown for Mistress is a deep desire to please her.

How refreshing!

Mistress Peyton