Not Forgotton

I know you think I’ve forgotten you, this isn’t the case. The last hurricane did a number on things around my place. Covid hasn’t been very kind to those around me nor my private time. I thank you all for reaching out to me. I’m doing all I can to be there for you, things are crazy to say the least. I’m here, you are not forgotten. I miss you more every single day.
MIss Peyton

Why The Shame?

No Shame

Is That Shame I see?

Look at me when I speak to you.  I mean that.  We have known one another long enough by now that you understand fully you are in a safe space.  NOTHING you could do OR say will ever change how I feel about you.

Countless hours I’ve devoted myself to you and you to me.  So why now all of a sudden are you feeling so much shame for being who you are?

OH,  You let her rip you apart for the feelings you have?

Understand one thing… Society has taught us that a man “should be” a certain way.  Therefor a certain amount of shame is normal.  Given the proper set of circumstances you should feel nurtured to grow in your desire and yes, that even includes humiliation fetishes as well.  I don’t give a damn who you are and how much you like being treated like a pet, animal, spanked, fucked, sucked etc.  I mean that was a very brief description on a VERY Broad horizon.

YOU deserve to be treated with respect and if the person handling you EVER makes you feel a certain type of way STOP dealing with them.  The group of Ladies I’ve associated myself with (and for GOOD Reason) are responsible enough to know when they are/or not equipped to handle certain types of situations and are perfectly FINE with saying so to you.  We are okay with gracefully saying to you that this type of idea or concept is not for us.

Having said that, do NOT think that because I or one of the people I may refer you to has said this is/isn’t for me is judging you or talking about you behind your back.  HELL no.  That’s NOT what we do.

We simply want what’s best for you.

Nothing pisses me off more than to hear a sub who feels shame for his desire to be controlled.  I just don’t understand why a Lady would automatically assume you are a piece of shit because you want her to control your orgasm.  As a matter of fact it’s the other way around.  She should feel pretty fucking good about herself that you even chose her in the first place.  I mean you have so many choices out there these days.

Hey Boys… Thanks For Being Mine, We’ll talk soon!

Miss Peyton

Sweet Little Plaything for Mistress


Sweet, oh yes, you are such a Sweet little plaything for Mistress!

Such an adorable darling pet. Kneeling there before me, trembling in desperate anticipation of what I may desire to do with you today. Just my presence, weakens you. The scent of my lovely intoxicating perfume drives you wild. The glimmer of my silky stockings stretched so tight over my shapely legs, makes you breathe just a little harder. The soft sway of my skirt as I turn and walk slowly around you to inspect what is mine, makes you almost swoon.

Everything about me, your beloved Mistress, makes you forget about what other people think you are. You know that mask you wear all day long at work? The mask that let’s them believe that you are such a strong man, a real alpha in your business, but here with me…

Well before me, I am the one in charge.

The Boss, who tells you what to do, in soft whispers, in sensual gestures, which simply makes you putty in my hands.

Best of all… You love it! You love how easily I can dominate you and manipulate you to do my bidding and to obey me with my soft voice, my sensual being, and my feminine wiles. You, my dear, never even stood a chance. Oh yes, I know just how a man like you needs to be treated, guided and controlled.

Not with threats, harsh words, or screamed comments. That only makes you stubborn and disobedient, but by sensually leading you just where I want you.

You love it! Giving into me is so very easy.

It’s natural for you to want to please me! I dare say it’s hard wired into you male being. To be worthy of the ONE who knows all your secrets, your fantasies, your needs, and who with a smile and a flick of her little finger will use all those delicious weaknesses against you.

Don’t worry so, my sweet little pet, it’ll be our little secret. You can still wear you mask for everyone else and pretend that you are this strong and indestructible male force to reckon with, as long as you just admit that you are nothing more then my little pet to toy with when it’s just the two of us.

I adore that I can make you shiver so easily and take your power from you by simply being myself. Running my finger nail down your naked skin, and watching you quiver, waiting, hoping, dreaming of what I may do and touch next.

Inhale deeply my pet, drink my scent in.

Let it slide into and over your mind, imprinting itself on you. You do know what once my scent, my essence is in your mind, you’ll never get me out of there. The moment you smell the perfume I am wearing right now, anywhere it won’t matter where, your mind will travel back to me. Right here, here now, with you kneeling devotedly at my feet. So sweet, so precious, so humble and so obedient.

Would you like me to tell you another secret? Of course you do, you can’t get enough of hearing my voice…
Talk Soon Naughty One,
Miss Peyton

Teased for Days

Recently I passed down a task that kept my Boys Teased for Days.  As fate would have it so much of my inspiration is derived from a mixture of our communication as well erotic photography.  Teased for Days

Not everyone is brave enough to take on my type of assignments as some are risky for those of you who are in full time relationships, while others are eagerly waiting for each set of heart pounding instruction(s).

You see I only assign well thought out tasks, I take into consideration the level of mental stimulation one will endure to keep my  boy(s)  Teased for Days.  For some it’s the risk factor (will or won’t I be caught), for others it’s the physical sensation of being out of control.

My personal favorite is when I know without a doubt you’ve been set up for total manipulation.  It’s in these moments I find it hard to resist forcing you to check in. I often wonder what goes through your mind in the moments before you’ve gathered the nerve to press send on the email  or dial my number.  Do you tremble with anticipation, or is something else causing you to shake all over… Or maybe for you it’s a twitch of the cock that stirs you into further submission.

For me there is NOTHING like knowing you are in the throws of desire yet are being conditioned to be rational,  in these moments of weakness I can determine new limits, test your loyalty and establish new guidelines by which we play by.

There are far worse things then being Teased for Days, think about it.. you could be  stuck in a vanilla life  doing everything vanilla with no real excitement or much to challenge you mentally or physically, no real stimulation and no adventure.  Don’t get me wrong Vanilla is good when it works the question is,  does it work for you?

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

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Dicklett Humiliation Task

i undress…i look down at my tiny dicklett…i need to decorate it like Miss Peyton commanded…i stare at it for awhile…i begin to stroke and think about what i can do make this entertaining for Miss Peyton…now that i am good and hard…i wash my balls, my shaft, my cock head…being that these all items belong to Miss Peyton, i hope a can decorate it to Her liking…i dip it in my cup of drinking water and let it soak…then, i take it out wash it carefully with shower gel and a warm wash cloth…i pat it dry and begin decorating. Dicklet Humiliation Task

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, green and white mushroom seems appropriate. First the base, green all along the base…then i massage a lighter green on to Your balls…nice thick coating of green…then i paint yellow polka dots all over Your balls.

Now, the shaft…i use a thin brush and paint it up and down in white. For accent, i take the light green paint and i paint a vein onto the white shaft…onto the head…i paint it dark green…it is completely green!…now the next is more challenging…i put small dabs of honey all over the head. Then, i take the mini white marshmallows they put in instant hot chocolate packets and adhere them to the head…finally, one last addition…two googly eyes adhered to the top of the shaft.

There it is…green balls with yellow polka dots, white shaft with green vein and googly eyes, and dark green head with mini white marsh mellows all over it…a leaky little dicklett all dressed up as an animated mushroom!

i hope my mushroom was entertaining for You, Miss Peyton. i did my best to please You with this decorative, humiliating task. i don’t want to disappoint You.


… I must say you did very well in entertaining me, I enjoyed this way more then you could ever realize.

Talk Soon,


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