His Cock Sucking Fantasy

Cock Sucking Fantasy

Below are the thoughts of one boy and His Cock Sucking Fantasy. As you can well imagine I’ve toyed with each of you to pull these sorts of confessions from your soul. I would like to say Thank You For being so open with something so very personal. Now Say it with me.. “I am a Cock Whore”  See now, you feel much better, right? Ha/Ha!

Well first off I want to say that I’m not attracted to the masculine form, but there are many Transsexual  Women I’ve seen in porn that I would gladly suck off.

What I find most appealing about the idea of sucking cock is the submissiveness of it.  Me on my hands and knees them towering above me. Being forced to pleasure them while not necessarily getting off my self. I’ve never sucked one before but I just imagine how warm it would be in my mouth. The firmness sliding back and forth down my throat. Feeling it get bigger and harder before it pumped me full of cum.

I’ve always had this fantasy where I’m chatting with this gorgeous woman, really hitting it off. We go back to her place and we’re making out and taking off our clothes, and we remove our underwear she has a penis. She looks down and notices that her’s is bigger than mine says “I guess that makes you the bitch tonight.” She dresses me up in Lingerie and forces me on to my hands and knees and jams her cock in my mouth. I try to pull away at first but she grabs the back of my head and forces it down. She is in total control pulling my head up and pushing it back down, I lose focus and just let her do what ever she wants. At the end she pulls out and cums on the floor. Grabbing my hair she pushes my face in the puddle and says “Lick it up bitch.” I  do as she commands and with my face down on the ground licking up her cum ( I’ve tasted my own and it wasn’t very good, its sorta bitter and tangy) I like to imagine that my struggle  with her cum makes her hard again and begins to fuck my ass. I haven’t really come up with a good ending for my fantasy yet, I’ll keep trying Mistress.

Courageously Submitted By:  Anon

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Mistress Peyton

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True Dedication to Mistress

True Dedication to Mistresss

Have you ever asked yourself what it would take to show True Dedication to Mistress?  If in fact you find yourself wondering that exact same question I’ll help outline what constitutes pure devotion.

Mistress has a couple subs that I write about often, in fact I have one that I’ve written about from day 1, and another who has proven he’s dedicated to becoming all he can be. Allow me to explain exactly what I mean by devotion.  Sub 1 (as we shall call him) has gone out of his way to prove himself as worthy to me by providing all access to his life.  He’s given me personal dates, names and locations.  He has been (for the most part) exactly where he said he’d be when he said he’d be there.  He’s given of himself in such a way that did not matter to him his own comfort or needs.

Let’s move to Sub2 with this particular sub he liked playing the catch me game.  You get what I mean, right?  He provided little details about his life, some true some he eluded to being the truth, while other details he would leave blank as if to hope I would catch him. Time and again he would tell me how he needed me to take full control of his life and destroy his need for being such a bad boy.

The funny thing about Sub2 is he forgot who he’d been dealing with, you see when push comes to shove and you give me just enough rope.. I’m going to hang you.  His exact location I found, I also found the place of employment as well as other private details about his life.  It was then and only then did Sub2 decide he could fully trust me to keep his secrets.  It was also then that Sub2 decided that he would show True Dedication to Mistress.

True Dedication comes from experience and trust.  Those two things don’t happen over night they are nurtured and grow with time.  Dedication comes with great responsibility as well, there are steps you take to show dedication.  You honor your word, do what is asked of you, but most of all you are honest and trustworthy.. be of good character.

Although I only mentioned two subs in this post I would like to acknowledge that there are those of you who are climbing the ranks, we speak on a weekly basis or you are always on point with my PTV Mailings  so we pretty much have formed that bond of trust.  Good Job to you!

In closing I will remind you True Dedication for Mistress is a whole new level of submission, once you achieve it you’ll never want to experience life any other way.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,

Mistress Peyton

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Outed For Cock Sucking

Well this is different.. who knew a black guy would enjoy white cock so much? According to Steven R. from Houston it’s something he can hardly get enough of.

When Steven R. and I first started his confession time he was a little reluctant to openly tell me all those deep dark secrets. It didn’t take long for him to pour out his soul.    steven

For example, he is an Aircraft Mechanic at the Houston International Airport, and while he does date women he is in the opinion that he’s not well enough endowed to please a woman and always finds himself going right back to what he craves the most..cock! Not just any cock, the white man’s cock.

He states that his favorite part about cock sucking is the challenge, like where to get it. Once he has it it’s keeping him hard and then the challenge of making him cum. Can you guess where one might find a cock to suck? Steven finds his in personal ads online.

Steven felt compelled to tell me his actual place of residence is ****** S** H****** Rd,  in a little place in Humble, Texas  for those of you in the Houston area and are wanting to try a little Bi experience. He’s ready and willing to put himself out there. What do you think guys?

Oh I know what some of you are thinking, Mistress is ruthless for posting all this about poor Steven. No not really.. I have and always will keep my word, by this I mean give you what you’ ask me for.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

Corruption Starts In the Married Man

Nothing excites me more then to take a married man down the dark and twisted path of corruption. Mistress is forever looking for ways to have you doing the most filth of tasks for me while keeping you on edge.  corruption

Below you will find a response to one of the tasks… I like to call Cum on Her Panties.. LOL
Hello Mistress

just reporting back as instructed. This was a simple assignment but your description and detailed instruction made at very exciting. I very much enjoyed being given instructions and a task to complete and went right to it. At first I thought sexy pair of panties meant thong, right. But my wife never wears them and to be honest they are not the sexiest thing for her so I remember the pair of panties that she has that really turn me on…black with a high cut along the checks and a wide band of lace too so you still see a lot but not like thong and they are very sexy!

so I found them, making note of where they were so I could put them back… Right on top. Then went in the bathroom and followed your instructions reading them several times as I did. After words folding them back up and putting them back. It was already in the evening and I would be up before my wife so I knew she would not be in the drawer before I would but I figured that was chi kenning out so I left them until I got home that night instead and then moved them to the laundry. Still not out of the woods because although I do the wash, aren’t you proud of me, they still have not made it back to her drawer and she should know that she didn’t wear them. Not really concerned though.

Task Completed by Anon and ever so sweetly submitted to Mistress.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

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Hypno Blackmail

As many of you know I have a slave that can’t get enough of Mistress Peyton’s style of Domination.  Our relationship spans across nearly two full years.  Hypno Blackmail

Recently we had the discussion of Hypno Blackmail, I paused for a moment when he first brought up the topic due to the weight both instances can carry.

And then the light bulb went off in my head and I thought to myself well if he’s asking then WHY NOT.  Let’s give this a go.  While I’ve always been skeptical of whether or not a person can really go under into hypnosis I do know that subspace is real.

After much discussion and research on my part the day finally arrived that I had my slave right where I wanted him.  What happen next was truly amazing.

Slave arranged for a rather lengthy call with me so that we could try his little experiment.  It began with a relaxation and focus exercise and to my astonishment within a short while I had him in a Hypno-Sub-space like nothing I’ve ever witnessed.

While I had slave in this precarious state I implemented my will on his thoughts, body and heart.  His entire nature was changing before my eyes so to speak and being that I had him in this state I figured why not exploit his darkest desires.  Although I’d like to share those with you I am strictly confidential with matters such as these.  What I will share with you is the explosion I granted him in the end was like nothing he’s experienced in his lifetime.

Well boy whores.. that’s about all I have for today’s entry.  Be well and be good if you must.  Otherwise I’m always open to filthy confessions.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,

Mistress Peyton