The Perfect Fantasy Being Nothing More Than a Sex Toy

Sex Toy

Could You Be A Sex TOY?

What would you be willing to give up? Could you imagine giving up just about anything to held to a higher standard above other slaves in the stable? Are you be willing to be inspected as though you are nothing more than stock?

Imagine if you will being run through a line along with others so that you can be measured and inspected so that data can be stored.

Your measurements.

Your weight, and other pertinent information being kept about you. When/if it’s deemed you meet certain criteria are called upon to be tested are brought out so that myself and others can see if you are fit enough to be put into use.

Picture yourself being in an assembly line so to speak. You along with ten other hopefuls. You find yourself standing there. Hands tied behind your back.

Stripped down to nothing.

Myself with a few other Mistresses walking around in front of you. We take our time to inspect each part of your manhood. We bend you forward, we inspect your insides. And then we grab your testicles and squeeze.

It’s then that we begin to slowly stroke and tease you, this portion of the testing goes on for hours. You’ve been told that if you ejaculate before time that you will lose your turn as the sex slave. You have to endure this portion of the testing for as long as it takes. You must hang on. You break out in a sweat. Tears fall down your cheeks. You’ll do anything to please your Mistress.


After all you are nothing more than stock at this point.. remember?
Talk Soon Naughty One-
Miss Peyton

Dirty Talking/Dirty Writing

Recently Mistress handed down a PTV task to those who felt they where up to the challenge. Being the good Mistress I am you are rewarded once you’ve completed a task and I deem it worthy of finding it’s way on my blog/tumblr.  stoys

For The task in question, I gave a few simple instructions to help you grow as a sub and also entertain me as the Mistress.

Many people enjoy “talking dirty” in bed. You can take this to the next level by “writing dirty.” This was followed by a scene and being asked what would happen next…. Below is a submission of
“Dirty Writing” Do Enjoy…

My head was throbbing and aching. i lay in bed thinking about what had happened the night before and found that i couldn’t really recall it at all. As i opened my eyes the sunlight was harsh and made my head ache even more. i realized that i was naked and in my bed. No recollection at all of how i got there. Not good. Then i saw the first sex toy. And another. And another. Worse yet, they weren’t all familiar. How did i manage to use (and get new) sex toys and not have any recollection of what had happened. Panic started to creep in through the fog. What had happened?

i forced myself to sit up. my head complained about that, but curiosity was starting to get the best of me. i saw more sex toys. i saw a pocket pussy, a sex doll, dildoes, nipple clamps, a collar, panties, restraints, crops, lingerie, etc. It must have been pretty wild, whatever good idea i had the previous night. So weird that i couldn’t remember it. Then i spotted it. The video tape. Oh boy – that can’t be good. i got up enough to get to the tape with an aching head. There was a note on it. The note said, ‘watch the tape, then go to your kitchen table’

With a sense of dread i put the tape into the machine and started watching it. The first scene had me cross dressed in lingerie with a male sex doll. i was horrified. i couldn’t believe that i would agree to be taped and didn’t remember getting dressed up or undressed. i didn’t even own a male sex doll. Something serious had happened. Someone knew i was a pervert. Someone had evidence i was a pervert. i was worried about who it might be. i was worried that my neighbors saw me. i was worried about a whole bunch of things now. The first scene ended and it went to the second scene.

This time i was on my knees in front of a man with a big cock. i had Women’s lingerie on. my mouth was around his cock and i was sucking it greedily. The scene continued until he pulled his cock out of my mouth and ejaculated on my face and tongue. Now i was in even more of a panic. i hit ‘stop’ on the tape, i couldn’t watch any more. i forced myself to get up and go into the kitchen. i saw a gift wrapped box on the table with a note.

The note said, “Did You enjoy the tape? Open the box. Get the right sizes. Put it on. Follow the final direction inside of the box.’ Trembling i opened the box. It contained a male chastity device. There were different sized rings. There was an open lock. The note inside of the box was from You. It said, “if you don’t want the tape mailed to Your boss, put on the device and email me pictures proving the device is on and locked and await further instruction from me. My address is: Mistress Peyton@ niteflirt. i spent about a half an hour selecting the right size. i put the lock through the device, took the pictures and mailed them out.

my life was going to be completely different – what the hell had happened last night?

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